City Lights

City Lights

Fiction, a Halloween treat!


We entered the café and headed to the veranda. I sat on one of the tables, he followed.

The veranda has dimmer lights than the indoor area of the café which makes it difficult to see the food served or the possible fly that might jump in, but for me, it doesn’t matter. I’m half blind anyway, even with my eyeglasses on.

I like that area, that dim area. It makes me appreciate the city lights on the other side.

I like the combination of seeing city lights while hearing the waves crash into the seawall and feel the ocean breeze gently caress my face. This place makes me feel like I am between two different worlds, in between chaos and quietude.

I looked at him and he looked back. We sat in silence.

Here’s a guy I met a month ago at this very same place, sitting on this very same chair.

There wasn’t anything special that night. I thought it was just a mere collision of two lonely souls trying to fit in to the universe of love and loss.

The night started with a conversation about love. Who believes and who does not.

I’m, as always, a firm believer of love and all the planets that revolve around it.

He wasn’t.

He was hurt once and he stopped loving. I was hurt more than once, but I loved more.

What is love? He asked.

Love is a feeling, I said, something that makes you happy but can also make you sad. Something that can make you feel the butterflies in your tummy. But love is not always a feeling of rainbows and ponies and butterflies. For when you love, you should expect pain. This is the reality.

That wasn’t our last meeting, a bizarre thing to happen to strangers with opposing notions. The world is small indeed and confusing sometimes.

Love has become the point of argument, at least for some time.  As the subject is not something that can be explained through x and y axis, nor can be found in any reference material. The subject is vast and definitions can vary infinitely.

The arguments stopped somehow, when the reasons met in between, a bizarre thing to happen to acquaintances with opposing notions. The world is round indeed and confusing sometimes.

I looked at the city lights. The sound of waves crashing and the ocean breeze caressing my face made me think of the argument we had on the first night that we met.

What is love? I asked myself.

Love is a feeling. A feeling that is actually new to me. So then, I asked myself again, have I really felt love all along?

What is love? I asked him.

Love is a feeling, he said. Something, I have felt all along.


I walk from the bus station to the building. I heard footsteps so I know someone’s behind. I kept walking till I reached the stoplight. The footsteps stopped too. A guy’s beside me. The lights turned green so we started walking. I walked in a slow pace, he kept a distance.

It drizzled so I removed my glasses. My vision’s blurry but I can still see.

I reached the building and headed to the lift. I pressed 10 then pressed the close button. The lift door slowly closed. Then it opened again. He entered the lift. He did not press any button. So our offices are on the same floor?

I took my handkerchief and started wiping my glasses. I tried to remove watermarks then I felt his stare. So I looked up to him. Our eyes met. He smiled. I’m not sure if I smiled back.  His face is a bit blurry like an image in soft glow.

The lift stopped on the 10th floor. We walked out of the lift and took separate ways. I put my glasses back on. It’s not blurry anymore.


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Weekly Writing Challenge: And Now For Something Completely Different

As this week’s challenge wants us to move outside our thinking boxes, I have thought of mixing up things I haven’t done before. My entry is a short story, a bit of fiction and true to life experience, a funny and childish way of storytelling and sketches rather than photos. I know that I am not a very good artist, ha ha but I liked the drawings. I thought that I would like to go back to pre school and draw some more of this. 🙂

For the reader: while reading this, please imagine that the story was being narrated by Gru ( from Despicable Me) with his accent (I think it is Spanish), like when he was narrating the story of the 3 Little Kittens. 🙂

So the story goes like this:


The Story of the Isolated Girl

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was an isolated girl named Tanya. She was a very brilliant and talented girl but she was so different from all the other girls from the neighborhood that’s why she was always left behind.

While all the other girls were pretty in pink, Tanya was always in shirts and in jeans.

All the other girls go mad on their shopping sprees, cocktails and parties;


she would just sit in the park and strum her guitar or sit in a coffee shop and read and write.


None of the girls wanted to be her friend, and so sometimes she cries out of loneliness.

One starry starry night, she was humming her melody while looking at the stars from her window.

The music that she made was so beautiful yet so lonely that’s why it reached the Fairy Rock Land. Out of curiousity, one of the Fairy Rock Land entities rushed out to planet Earth to meet this girl who creates lovely music.  A Fairy Rock Mother appeared before Tanya and told her to make a wish and she will grant it. Tanya immediately said

I only have one wish, to reach out to people through the music that I make.

And so the Fairy Rock Mother waved her wand and suddenly disappeared.

On a blink of an eye, Tanya found herself singing on a stage in front of a huge crowd, singing and playing her guitar.

She saw all the other girls in the neighborhood singing her songs waving at her, taking a photo of her and taking video of her performance.

And from then on, Tanya lived playing her music happily ever after.