Like a ghost
You follow me
Like a nightmare
You visit me
Day and night
When I sleep
Or lie awake
When I dream of goodness
You creep in
Like a ghust of cold wind
In a warm windowless room
You make me shiver
Inside out, skin and bones

You occupy a lot of space
Like a pile of old newspapers
Dusty and torn
In the basement
Dark and cold
Old headlines
Old drama
Old puzzles
Unsolved, outdated
Waiting for the light
For the door to open
To be junked or burned

I wait for the day
When I can finally
Laugh while you burn.

Let It Be

For love should not be like locking the door,

Not one could ever come in or go out,

Not one could taste this sweet life and savor,

Not one could tell you what it’s all about.


For if your hands grip, all hearts will then bleed

Air you might need, sun and water maybe.

Like dove it’ll be back as long as you feed,

A kite is yours as the thread will let be.


Your mind is not mine, nor him, nor others,

But minds alike or not need not be taught,

They bloom to own beauty just like flowers,

Beauty and color they never have thought.


For love is freedom and freedom is love,

Hold tight not, let it be and see. That’s love.


image: tasteandtruth.blogspot.com

image: tasteandtruth.blogspot.com








image: blog.hdwallsource.com
image: blog.hdwallsource.com

And so I mark the days of our presence

Of coffee mornings and afternoon teas

Of headstrong battles, and some reverence

Now we can separately do as we please.


Oh heartbreak! Why good things come to an end

Why am I a witness, why should I see?

Bitter goodbyes and why am I to fend?

We are so near to the end, can I plea?


Four. Three. And two. ‘Like the old days’ you said.

And then I have to start again, after

Falling and failing over, I’m afraid

Things won’t fall into place, I’ll move over


Overdue farewells, sadness, despair.

Until we meet again. Glad if we dare.





image by earthempress.com
image by earthempress.com


With the wind


But don’t break


With the waves


Don’t ever sink


With your heart


But don’t fall


With this life


Don’t ever falter




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