Things to Consider When Planning Your Trip to the Maldives

A holiday in the Maldives is almost every couple's dream especially those who are on honeymoon or celebrating their wedding anniversaries. Though nowadays, Maldives is becoming a family destination too. Planning your trip could be overwhelming and choosing a resort from about 200 options is not that easy so I'm writing some general tips that… Continue reading Things to Consider When Planning Your Trip to the Maldives

Things We’ve Realized About Traveling

Jet-setter lifestyle is so hyped nowadays. With the rise of so many travel bloggers, it's impossible not to get jealous with the places that they've been. Almost everyone's dreaming of globetrotting and to be honest, I sometimes get swayed with the way the countries are being marketed by social media influencers, that there were times… Continue reading Things We’ve Realized About Traveling

Postcards from Maldives

I've read somewhere, that photography is not about taking photos of what everyone can see daily. It is about looking for angles that everyone fails to see, unless you point it out to them - by taking photos (these aren't the exact words but, something along these lines). I have mentioned several times here already that… Continue reading Postcards from Maldives

Maldives in Different Colors

In this post, I won't talk a lot. I will just show you the Maldives  through my eyes (and lenses). 5o Shades of Blue The Maldives is composed of 99% water and 1% percent land. Hence, expect that the country will be so blue. But wait, there's more to the place than just being blue. On… Continue reading Maldives in Different Colors

Photos For Now

We went for a little outing today and I was able to practice my troll photography skills, though I'm posting just a few photos. Don't ask me about the specie of the bird and the mango-looking fish on the photo. I won't be able to answer you.  

Bastakiah, Bur Dubai

Isa itong photo walk. Literal. Photos na bunga ng isang oras na walk. Hindi po ako photographer. Wala po akong alam sa photography at lahat ng larawang ito ay bunga lamang ng pagmamaganda. Ang lahat ng litrato ay kuha sa Bastakiah, Bur Dubai. Ito ang pinakaluma at pinakahistorical na parte ng Dubai. Makaluma ang arkitektura at disenyo… Continue reading Bastakiah, Bur Dubai

Singapore Day Stroll

  Matagal kong pinag-isipan kung ipopost ko ba itong mga litrato ko nung nagpunta ako ng Singapore kasi unang-una sobrang late na nito dahil last year pa ako nagpunta don, pangalawa hindi naman ito travel blog eh. At hindi ko naman masyadong paborito yung trip ko sa Singapore, di tulad nung dalawa kong trip sa Maldives (1)… Continue reading Singapore Day Stroll


Ang post na ito ay walang kinalaman sa Forever o sa Infinity and beyond chuva ek-ek. Bale yung Infinity dito ay yung Infinity Tower dito sa Dubai, yung twisted building na nasa gitna ng litrato. Ito ang pinakamataas na twisted na tower (90 degrees twist, 73 story) sa mundo, dinaig ang Turning Torso ng Sweden. Pero… Continue reading Infinity