Fushifaru Maldives: A Super Instagrammable Luxury Resort

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Things to Consider When Planning Your Trip to the Maldives

A holiday in the Maldives is almost every couple’s dream especially those who are on honeymoon or celebrating their wedding anniversaries. Though nowadays, Maldives is becoming a family destination too.

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Things We’ve Realized About Traveling

Jet-setter lifestyle is so hyped nowadays. With the rise of so many travel bloggers, it’s impossible not to get jealous with the places that they’ve been. Almost everyone’s dreaming of globetrotting and to be honest, I sometimes get swayed with the way the countries are being marketed by social media influencers, that there were times I just wanted to book a ticket to somewhere.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. – St. Agustine

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Roaming Around Malé

Malé is the capital of the Maldives. It is small and densely populated.

Today, I got a chance to roam around the city and have taken some photos.








Male has narrow streets, of course, what do we expect from a very small place. Hence, people use motor bikes and you’ll see tons of these bikes parked on the roadside. There are taxis though but sometimes, you’ll get stuck in traffic so bikes are more convenient I suppose.



Ferry Terminal



The only way (so far) to go to the airport from Malé is by ferry. The journey is just about 10mins and the fare is about 10 Rufiyaa.


The China-Maldives friendship bridge is in progress. This bridge will connect Malé and Hulhumale (the island where the airport is).





Where to Eat

For people like me, who are not so adventurous when it comes to food, I would always look for well known food chains wherever I go  but no luck for me here in Malé. There are no fast food chains, no famous coffee chains or whatsoever. All local cafes. Though I have my two favorite cafes here, a separate post will be published later on. 



Other Random Photos












And this, my friends is the Philippine flag. This is probably the building where our consulate is. 


Walking around Malé (even by yourself) is pretty safe. You won’t see police roaming around, which is a sign that there are no threats of pickpockets etc., You will only see some police by the entrance of the government buildings and that’s about it. The place is also really small, you won’t get lost and even if you do, the people are quite friendly so it’s ok to ask for directions.

Postcards from Maldives

I’ve read somewhere, that photography is not about taking photos of what everyone can see daily. It is about looking for angles that everyone fails to see, unless you point it out to them – by taking photos (these aren’t the exact words but, something along these lines).

I have mentioned several times here already that I live in a small island and you can walk around it for 15mins. Sometimes I ask myself what other angle of the island have I not taken photo of. The trees and the flowers and the beach have been there for the last 6months and though I am not a photographer, sometimes my hands itch to click the camera.

However, a few days ago, I have kept my camera close to me and tried to catch moments that are out of the ordinary (or as I thought so) and here are some of the photos.

Seaplane landing while the sun is setting
A couple taking photos of the sunset while on the boat
Seaplane on air
Look at the sun rays and the clouds, so majestic
I saw one of our colleagues wind surfing 
Can’t think of a caption
Again, just look at the clouds
I am really jealous. I want to learn how to wind surf ha ha

Maldives in Different Colors

In this post, I won’t talk a lot. I will just show you the Maldives  through my eyes (and lenses).

5o Shades of Blue

The Maldives is composed of 99% water and 1% percent land. Hence, expect that the country will be so blue. But wait, there’s more to the place than just being blue.

On bright sunny days, I cannot count how many shades of blue can I see. Royal blue, navy blue, cobalt blue, baby blue….name it, Maldives has it.



There are nights when I feel that a blue fairy might have sprinkled some blue dust everywhere. I don’t know how but sometimes, really, even the wooden jetty has a shade of blue on it. And mind you, the pictures in this post have not been filtered nor edited.


Wildly White

This country is also known for its soft and white sand that sparkles like diamonds whenever the sun is up.


So far, I have seen very few species of flowers here in the island. Orchids, gumamela (hibiscus), bougainvillea and santan (ixora) – the tropical ones.


Freshly Green

The summer feeling won’t be complete without the coconut trees.

Rumors has it that in the Maldives, there are more cases of death by falling coconuts on the human head than shark attacks. Hence, in my workplace, we have a dedicated team of gardeners who does not only look after the beauty of our resort, but as well ensures that no one gets into trouble due to unidentified flying coconuts.



Breathtakingly Orange

Everyday, the sun paints a different color to the sky before it finally goes down to a rest. Sometimes I feel like I am looking at a huge painting, it just feels so surreal.


Cutely Pink

When the sky is not orange during sunset, sometimes it has this baby pink and baby blue color that makes me feel like I am looking at giant cotton candies in the sky.



Lonely Gray

The official tag line of the country is ‘The sunny side of life” because it is just summer all year round. Though there’s also a monsoon season which is from June to August where we expect a lot of rain. However, rainy season here doesn’t feel really rainy after all. Sometimes it just rains for 10 minutes then the sun is up again. Sometimes it rains the whole day, then the next day you’ll wake up to a whole new world that looks like it never rained the day before. Though, there are tougher days when it really rains for about 3 days straight.

This photo was taken while I was in the speedboat.


Red as in Red

Red for gumamela and apologies for the bad photography skills. LOL.


That’s all for now folks!


Bastakiah, Bur Dubai

Isa itong photo walk. Literal. Photos na bunga ng isang oras na walk. Hindi po ako photographer. Wala po akong alam sa photography at lahat ng larawang ito ay bunga lamang ng pagmamaganda.

Ang lahat ng litrato ay kuha sa Bastakiah, Bur Dubai. Ito ang pinakaluma at pinakahistorical na parte ng Dubai. Makaluma ang arkitektura at disenyo ng mga buildings. Nandito din ang Museum at iba pang cultural establishments ng Dubai. Dito rin makakabili ng mga souvenirs. Nandito rin ang terminal ng abra, pati na rin terminal ng bus.


Bastakiya 001

Bastakiya 002

Bastakiya 003

Bastakiya 004

Bastakiya 005

Bastakiya 006

Bastakiya 007

Bastakiya 008

Bastakiya 009

Bastakiya 010

Bastakiya 011

Bastakiya 012
Abra – Bangkang pantawid sa mga pasahero mula Bur Dubai hanggang Creek

Bastakiya 013

Bastakiya 014

Bastakiya 015

Bastakiya 016

Bastakiya 017

Bastakiya 018

Bastakiya 019

Bastakiya 020

Bastakiya 021

Bastakiya 022

Bastakiya 023

Bastakiya 024

Bastakiya 025

Bastakiya 026

Bastakiya 027

Bastakiya 028

Bastakiya 029

Bastakiya 030

Bastakiya 031

Singapore Day Stroll


Matagal kong pinag-isipan kung ipopost ko ba itong mga litrato ko nung nagpunta ako ng Singapore kasi unang-una sobrang late na nito dahil last year pa ako nagpunta don, pangalawa hindi naman ito travel blog eh. At hindi ko naman masyadong paborito yung trip ko sa Singapore, di tulad nung dalawa kong trip sa Maldives (1) Wedding/Muro Ami Trip at (2) Ultra-Stress-Buster Trip na di ako magsasawa kahit ulit-ulitin.

Pero sinisilip ko yung mga pictures ko, madami pala.  Naisip ko na haay maibahagi na lang kesa amagin sa baul.

So ito. Hindi ako seasoned traveler eh kaya nga hindi travel blog itong blog ko. At iilang lugar pa lang naman ang napuntahan ko. At pag nagtatravel ako, kinukuhanan ko lang ng litrato yung mga random kong mapag tripan kesyo may history siya o wala. So wag mag-expect please.

Dahil wala akong masyadong kwento tungkol sa Singapore (pwera na lang sa wirdong hotel na tinuluyan namin na hindi libre ang wifi at walang almusal dahil nagtipid kami na maraming alikabok at basura sa ilalim ng kama nung hinila namin dahil may nalaglag kaming barya) eto puro litrato na lang.


Bird Singapore


Ferris Wheel 2

oh, para sa mga mahilig sa LV. Eto na heaven niyo
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Buti pa dito may wifi at sobrang lakas pa. Sa wirdong hotel wala!
Di ko alam kung anong meron sa loob nito dahil hindi kami nakapasok. 


The Thinker
Ang tawag daw dito ay The Thinker. Isa sa napakaraming kopya ng popular na gawa ng artist na si Auguste Rodin. Nag-iisip ba talaga siya? O inaantay niya yung Forever niya?


Window of Hope 2

Window of Hope
Eto naman daw yung window of hope – as explained sa itaas.


Bilang ang pamagat nito ay Singapore Day Stroll, malamang masusundan ito ng Singapore Night Stroll dahil may ibang ganda din ang SG sa gabi.