Magpapahiram na nga lang, Pipila Pa

Nagpunta ako sa bangko para panandaliang ipahiram ang aking perang pinaghirapan sa napakayaman nitong may-ari nang sa ganoon ay patuloy pa itong makapamili ng madaming lupa at makapagpatayo ng madaming mall.

Pagdating ko sa bangko ay ga-sawa ang pila. Bilang nagtapos naman ako sa unibersidad na tinawag na Pila Uli Pila ay mani na lang ang pilang ito. Continue reading “Magpapahiram na nga lang, Pipila Pa”

A Strange Filipino in a Filipino Gathering

I saw an invitation card on our dining table. It says, Ninong (followed by my husband’s full name) on the envelope, and inside is a card with the baby’s photo, name, the date and time and venue of the event. I looked at my husband and said, another inaanak.

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Automatic Shutdown

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I have last posted. Been so busy lately and hope everyone’s doing well! (Chos! This opening is not so me LOL).

Work had taken up my life for the last few weeks, and I went back to drinking coffee to keep me awake. Sometimes even though I am fully awake, I just need a little kick to get started. Continue reading “Automatic Shutdown”

Waking Up to A Brand New Day

You wake up earlier than usual, thinking of the dream you just had. Not the worst, also not the best. Then you started thinking about work and other things. But you thought you’ll stop thinking and just lie on your bed, pull your blanket until your shoulders and watch the thin rays of light peeping through the curtains, giving light to the dark old room you are in. You let yourself indulge in that feeling of being in bed longer than you need to, for there were days you miss it, when you break your back sitting in the office for long hours.

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