One Meteor Shower of a Night

Around 8pm our local time last night, I saw a facebook notification about the Geminids Meteor Shower.

I was never interested with Meteor Showers just because I know I won’t be able to see them due to my location. I’ve never heard about people here in the Maldives, talking about Meteor Showers. I usually read about meteor shower sightings somewhere in the US or Australia or in Scandinavia. However, for some reasons, last night, I checked with Mr. Google whether this meteor shower will be visible in the Maldives and Mr. Google said yes, around 12am local time. Continue reading “One Meteor Shower of a Night”

Waking Up to a Thunderstorm

Today, I’m writing something raw, something really straight out of my heart and I’m not gonna edit this (or will do, at least the grammar part).

Its 8:40pm Male’ time and I don’t know how long will I sit here. I don’t know how long will it take for me to write my feelings down.

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An Email From A Reader (My reply, actually)

Yesterday as my mind was slowly turning into ashes as work keeps burning out every bit of me, for reasons unknown I opened my personal mail and out of all the 500++ mails on my inbox in which 99% are posts from WP bloggers, there’s this one email that caught my attention. Continue reading “An Email From A Reader (My reply, actually)”

Headache, Bookstore & the Smiling Man : 8 Hours in Kuala Lumpur International Airport

It was around 10:30am on a Sunday when I arrived at Kuala Lumpur international Airport. Lack of sleep the previous night and falling in and out of sleep during the 3 and half hour flight gave me the very thing I hated whenever I’m travelling – headache.

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A Taste of Home

Three days ago, I woke up to the smell of danggit which we had for breakfast along with fried rice, noodles and eggs.  It was a rainy morning and as we sipped our coffees, we watched the grey clouds and the raindrops from our window. We took our time to drink our coffees and had another round afterwards.

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On Lipstick And Other Stories

A few weeks ago, I received a parcel of excitement. Inside that box was a blush of joy and half a dozen of colorful lipstick happiness bought online from my recently discovered online cosmetic shop. I was on an online shopping frenzy and I tell you, I never thought online shopping can be this fun. The happiness doubles upon receiving the goods. Continue reading “On Lipstick And Other Stories”

Looking For Some Motivations on a Monday Afternoon

Today, an agent is visiting our resort for a familiarization trip and I have to meet and greet the person, show her the resort and probably host her for dinner and drinks. My job sounds fancy, at least to some because I am one of the few staff in the resort who is privileged to eat and drink in any of the restaurants whenever an agent or media person visits the resort.

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