My Happiness Jar



I’ve been a bit busy last week but no matter how busy I was, I still have a short list of things that made me happy and I’d like to drop them into my happiness jar.

Almost Business Trip

My boss asked me to fill up a registration form for an upcoming business trip to India and he asked me if I’d like to join. And I was like, really??!!! I got a bit excited about this however, the bigger boss shut down the whole idea because the business trip wasn’t lucrative enough.

Though the supposed India trip got cancelled even before it was planned, I’m still happy that my boss considered taking me for that trip.

 Patience is a Virtue

I received a telephone call from one colleague and he raised his voice over a minor mistake that I made. Well, I really did a mistake, but really, it is so minor. Just a matter of changing two words on a form. After raising his voice, he also sent an email, copying the whole world with a very long explanation. I didn’t even need the explanation because I know what I did wrong and I’m human, I also make errors.

Anyway, the point is, usually when someone raises his/her voice, my first reaction is to retaliate. But this time, when he finished all his explanations, I just said, ok.

And usually when people send me long emails, I’ll send a longer one. I would always counter attack, but this time, I thought, what a waste of time and energy.

I am really surprised with myself yet happy with this change.


I feel so happy whenever I say my age and people don’t believe it. Whenever I say I’m already 31, they’d make faces and say I look like I’m just 26. (ha ha)

Afternoon Routine

Me and my friend D recently created this afternoon routine. That’s to swim for about 30 to 45 minutes. Sometimes we go deep, most of the times we stay in the shallows specially when the weather is a bit gloomy and the water isn’t very clear as unclear water gives me the nerves.  I also, still get the shock of my life whenever I see a huge f*@#ing stingray, I still haven’t got used to swimming with them so we’d rather stay in the shallows so whenever I see just the end tail of this creature, I’d quickly take off my fins, and run (take note – run and not swim) back to the shore.

This routine is very healthy though. Of course, I still wanna have abs like Dionne Monsanto, but that’s not the main reason. We swim to be fit. And I can feel it. I usually get stiff neck and shoulder pains due to stress and long hours of sitting in front of the computer but since we started this swimming routine, I haven’t felt any.

I always look forward to our afternoon swims as I am excited to reach a new milestone – that’s to swim further each day.

How about you? What are the things that made you happy recently? Would you like to drop them into the Happiness Jar?

My Happiness Jar

I was randomly browsing images on pinterest when I came across this Happiness Jar image.

Write down something that made you happy every day for a year, then open the jar and read about all the amazing things that happened.:

I thought the idea was so cool. There are so many bloggers who write about the things that made them sad or angry, and to be honest I’m one of them. So if we write about sad things, why not write about the happy things too?

However, I don’t have a cute jar like that on the image and I don’t have cute papers too so I just decided that I’ll virtually write down the things that made me happy and drop them into my virtual Happiness Jar.

And I thought of doing this once a week, or whenever there’s so much happiness going on.

So here’s the first post of My Happiness Jar.


1. My Brother’s Pointillism Drawing

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My youngest brother sent me and image of his pointillism assignment and I was really surprised and of course happy. I wasn’t really expecting anything this good from him.

My brother is a lazy boy and he never excelled in school because he never tried to. He was just always stuck in front of the computer playing all sorts of online games he could find. We thought that he will change once he starts UNI as college students would be busy with assignments, projects, thesis, etc., plus the travelling hours from Rizal to Manila already takes up a lot of time.

But amidst all these obstacles in his gaming life, he still finds his way.

Nevertheless, I am still a proud and happy Ate!


2.  A Gift from My Roommate


My roommate gave me this mug as a Christmas gift. I’m so happy because I now have a pencil holder. Hence my bedside table became a bit organized.


3. Princess’ DIY Bullet Journal Post

In this post, Princess shared photos of her DIY Journal and the thing that caught my attention is her To Do List which included – Start the 21 Day Fast. We had a small conversation on her comment section about fasting and I thought she just gave me the answers to my questions. I am happy and grateful to see her post.


4. A Verse

I have to be honest this time, and it really hurts to say that I’ve lost my connection with Him for quite sometime. To tell the truth, I haven’t visited any church for a long while, not that I’m not a believer. It’s just that here in Maldives, obviously there’s no church for me to go to and when I was in Dubai, some of my friends asked me to attend the Bible Studies and stuff but the minute I hear their Pastor speak, I knew that I know better than him/her. Not that I’m being arrogant, I just know who knows and who doesn’t.

That I haven’t been able to visit any Church for a long while didn’t make me lose my connection with Him for I read the Bible and I pray to Him directly.

However, somehow I got lost in between.

Today I opened the Bible, didn’t search for any particular verse. I just opened it randomly and this is the present that I got from Him.


I’ve been a very naughty child and I got lost. But He led me back to Him. I am happy and grateful for that.


How about you? What are the things that made you happy recently? Would you like to drop them into the Happiness Jar?