Soft Country Rain

It rained again, two mornings ago. Usually, we are very thankful to experience some rain here in the Middle East. Even drizzles meant blessings as these few droplets are like tiny sprinkles of life. Sprinkles of life that patches up cracks on dry lands, sprinkles of life that gives hope to some dry hearts and broken lives.

However, frequent rain, somehow, can be a bit alarming. One cannot expect so much of rain when you live in the desert.

I stepped out of the house that morning, without bringing an umbrella with me. I don’t have an umbrella anyway. On second thoughts, I think I have one. The one that the salon gave me as a gift after spending a fortune for hair rebonding, years ago. But this umbrella is somewhere, hidden beneath the piles of forgotten notebooks and old, unused clothes. Somewhere. We always have that somewhere. A place where you keep things that you don’t need anymore but you still hold on to.

I run-walked till I reached the metro station, without an umbrella, without a jacket, thinking I’m invincible. It didn’t take long for my clothes and bag to get a bit wet, but I thought it’s ok. It’s ok to get wet as long as I don’t get drenched.

It was my shoes that I was so worried about. My shoes are not the most expensive ones but they are the most comfortable ones. And comfortable ones are more difficult to find than expensive ones. They are thin and light, meant for long walks, meant for extremely hot weather. They aren’t meant for rains, they aren’t meant to get soaked in water. Soak the shoes in water for so long, they’ll fall apart. Just like hearts aren’t meant to get drenched in so much pain. Drench a heart in pain for so long, it falls apart.

I reached the office, a bit wet but not drenched.

It’s surprising to have this much rain, my boss said.

Yes, I almost felt like I’m in the Philippines because of the frequent rain, I said.

But the rain today is so nice. This is the soft country rain, he said.

I looked at him. Half laughing, half mocking. I’ve never heard of a soft country rain. My bad, maybe for not studying well. All I know is that I can tell the difference between rain and typhoon.

Sir, for me a bit of rain is good, a bit more means flood, a lot more means disaster. 

He laughed. The soft country rain is the rain that brings life to the crops. They do us good. 

He laughed again. You still have a lot more to learn. A lot more.

Nerd. Cave woman.

I was ironing one week’s worth of clothes last night when our landlady came to collect some payments. I was in in my pajamas already, my hair in a messy bun but I thought that’s ok, she’s just here to collect some payments and not to have some tea party.


She brought her friend along, a lady that I haven’t met till last night. And what meant to be just payment collection became an almost tea party, without the tea nor the party.


We were happily chatting about OFW lives and at one point she (landlady) caught sight of my bookshelf and said, Oh! You have a lot of books! You’re so nerd. Then she laughed.


Her friend then asked, what do you do with them?


I… read them, I said.


So I wondered. If I, really looked like a nerd.


After a little more of jokes and stories, the landlady then asked me if I have found a new job already. I said I still haven’t.


So she asked her friend, maybe your boss needs a secretary? You might want to refer her, while pointing her hand to me.


Her friend looked at me and asked, do you know how to use a computer?


I looked at her and there was an awkward silence till the landlady cracked a joke. Of course, do you think she is using a typewriter in her office?


So I wondered. If I, looked like a caveman last night. Or woman for that matter.


Free from Sugar

Pinakanagustuhan ko sa dating bandang Sugarfree ay yung mga simpleng lyrics nila pero tagos sa puso nung nakikinig.

Itong dalawang kanta nila ay akma sa panahon.  Sabi ko hindi na’ko magdadrama eh pero heto na naman ako. 😀

Anyway, itong kantang Tulog Na ay parang lullaby talaga sa’kin lalo pa pag pinapanood ko yung video na mga nakapajama pa sila. Pag pinapakinggan ko ‘to kahit na noon pag pinapatugtog to sa mga patok na jeep na sinasakyan ko nung college pag pauwi na’ko galing Cubao, para ba akong narerelaks at hinehele ng lyrics at para bang nawawala ang aking mga alalahanin, assignment man ito o pamasahe 😀  Pag pinapakinggan ko ito, para bang somewhere, sa kalawakan may nakatingin sa’kin at nagbabantay at nagsasabing wag ka mag-alala, andito lang ako.

Tulog na mahal ko
Nandito lang akong bahala sa iyo
Sige na, tulog na muna
Tulog na mahal ko
At baka bukas ngingiti ka sa wakas
At sabay natin haharapin ang mundo

video: polyeastrecords


Eto namang Cuida, ansarap kantahin para sa mga mahal  sa buhay. Yung habang tinitingnan ko sila naiisip ko na gusto ko silang protektahan laban sa masasamang elemento ng kalawakan, gusto ko lang silang maging masaya at akuin lahat ng problema nila. In short, gusto  kong maging bayani. Oo, minsan feeling ko ako si Darna, kahit hindi ako kasing seksi ni Darna 😀


Kung pag-aari ko lang ang lumbay
Itatago ko siya habang buhay
Wala nang inggit, wala nang galit
Paliligayahin kita bawat saglit

Kung akin lang ang mundo
Ibibigay ko siya sa iyo


video: luhonzapiel


Yun lungs. Good vibes 😀

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

‘You always say sorry. I don’t know if you even mean what you say,’ said someone to me. That I say sorry as much as I say Hi or Goodbye.

I always say sorry. But I always mean them.

I say sorry when I am at fault, sometimes even when I’m not at fault. I say sorry when I hurt someone’s feelings whether I’m aware or not. See, I can be insensitive while someone can be extremely otherwise. We all are different. Something could be so hilarious to me while it could be offending to someone else. And if I happen to offend someone, of course I’ll say sorry. Even though someone’s super sensitivity to matters is not really my fault, I’ll still say sorry.

I say sorry because I am not perfect. I’m just a human. I make mistakes from time to time.

 ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest words,’ said Elton John.

‘It’s hard for me to say I’m sorry,’ said Chicago.

But for me, it isn’t that hard.

I say sorry because I’m brave enough to do so. Brave enough to admit my mistakes, brave enough to face the consequences of these mistakes. At least I’m braver, than Elton John and Chicago.

I say sorry because I don’t always win. I lose. I fail. Yes, I fail and I fail people too. I fail those who trusted me, those who had a lot of faith in me. For that, I have to be sorry. And I am.

I say sorry because I don’t aim to always win an argument. I value the few people around me and I’d rather say sorry than win a useless argument just to make my point valid. I’d say sorry so there won’t be tears on pillows. So there won’t be sleepless nights.

And this is just how I am. I say sorry, a lot of times. Not that I don’t mean it. I’m just brave enough to say it all the time.


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Day 3 – Three Day Quote Challenge

Last day of this challenge. Yey! So I’ll post 3 nice quotes today 🙂









For this Challenge, the rules are:

  1.  Post three consecutive days.
  2.  You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3.  Challenge three different bloggers per day.

My day 3 nominees are:

  1. Dubai Expat Nurse
  2. Popcornonmydesktop
  3. Chia

Whether they join or not, I’ll nominate them just the same 😛

Some 90’s Music Here

I dunno why I was required to dance when I was in grade school when my body alone already looks like a stick plus my dance moves really added up to my stick-look and with my kinky hair I look like an inverted walking mop.

Anyway, I was trying to shift into a more relaxing playlist as I have been banging my head for the past few weeks so I looked for something old but not so new wavish and found these songs. Songs that we were forced to groove into during grade school. And I could die laughing as I remember my dance moves.


Close to You by Whigfield

video: Prestigio Eventos FESTAS

Both versions are nice.  Remix and  original.


Dying Inside by Timmy Thomas

video: Jusuf .w


Always by Erasure

video: emimusic


I seriously just saw the video of ‘Always’ yesterday and I almost spat coffee out into the monitor. WTFart is with this video?


Nonsensical. KTNXBYE.


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Three Day Quote Challenge

Day 2



Sometimes I feel that we are all pirates

Sailing with high hopes and dreams

Hammered by strong winds and harsh weather

Aching with pain, almost dying from hunger

Fighting to win, struggling to live

Sometimes lucky, most of the times not

Some will find the treasure

Some will disappear in limbo

Some will die fighting

Some will turn and just head back home

Whatever the result is, whatever the end will be

We only have ourselves to thank or  blame

For we are the captains of our own ships



For this Challenge, the rules are:

  1.  Post three consecutive days.
  2.  You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3.  Challenge three different bloggers per day.

My day 2 nominees are:

  1. Will of Heart
  2. ShairaMae
  3. DebWasHere

Dunno if they’ll be interested to do the challenge but I’m nominating them just the same.

Who Cares About What Someone Else Had for Breakfast?

I was telling my boss yesterday the story of a travel blogger who quit her job and started travelling and started earning money while travelling and blogging. By the way, my boss hailed from another dimension, just incase any extra terrestrial discussion arises.

So I told him  how nice could it be to travel and earn. And he said ‘this blogging thing is not all good.’ 

My boss is an extra seasoned top notch hotelier with sesame dressing, spring onions and buttered pickles with whipped cream and cherry on top who had a lot of experiences from different types of bloggers that he met or at least came into contact with.

He said that some travel bloggers are spoiled brats. They threaten you of not gaining any exposure to some 100 thousand followers if you don’t invite them for an all expense paid luxury holiday in your hotel.

He also experienced a harassment from a teenage blogger a few years ago. He had to turn him down for some reasons and this teenage non-mutant ninja turtle uttered things like

“You should invite me to your hotel because i am the future of travel blogging.” 

So although I understand that he didn’t have pleasant experiences with several bloggers, I was there to defend the blog-world and I tried to explain to the boss why people blog and why people follow blogs and what blogging does to help other people and he just ended our conversation with a “look, I know what this blogging is about to a certain extent but I don’t know how to blog and I don’t want to know and I don’t care about what someone else had for breakfast.”

So I kept quiet and didn’t even think of mentioning that I also blog. He might just as well ask me why am I contributing to the oddity of this already odd world.

I would really care about a good breakfast though….

I thought, he might be right about who cares about what someone else ate for breakfast just like who cares about what I write and why do I care about what someone else wrote, what someone else ate for breakfast or where did someone go.

But for me, whether someone cares or not, that’s just fine. I came. I wrote. I conquered. And that’s all that matters to me and maybe for the rest of us in the entirety of this blogosphere.

I Came. I Wrote. I Conquered.

Anyway, I am just so glad that he doesn’t care about what other people babble about because then, he won’t be able to read this. And even though he is a little bit outer spacial weird,  I like him in a way that he’d rather not read  about what people write that he couldn’t care about unlike some haters who couldn’t care less about you but would still read your posts and talk trash about it.

PS. I don’t have haters (none that I know of). Just citing an example here. At least, I don’t have yet and hopefully won’t have.


To Be Near You

To Be Near You by Viktoria was released either in 2005 or 2006. This is one of those songs I’d like to listen to before I sleep or when I hold my coffee cup, lean on the window sill and look at  outer space on Sunday afternoons.

I was listening to this song yesterday and it just got stuck in my head, so…

I have always thought that this is a love song but lately I realized that this song might have been made for fangirls and stalkers because of these lines:

Am I truly hopeless
Am I being pathetic
Are you even aware of my existence

I thought I wanted to join Kat’s Music Mondays but my post is just too lame. So nevermind huhu.