1000 Followers + Anniversary Giveaway

This same day, 5 years ago, my very first post was published. That post wasn't the best but hey, that's how aysabaw.com started. Just in time for my 5th blog anniversary,  I got notified by wordpress two days ago that I got 1,000 followers. I know, I know. 5 years and only 1,000 followers? It's… Continue reading 1000 Followers + Anniversary Giveaway

Random Blog Finds #1 + Giveaway Alert

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is well. I've been stressed for a couple of weeks as mentioned on my previous post and I'd like to thank you all for the nice comments. I felt better after writing down my thoughts and reading your supportive words. I'd like to blame my workload again for not having time… Continue reading Random Blog Finds #1 + Giveaway Alert

Things to Consider When Planning Your Trip to the Maldives

A holiday in the Maldives is almost every couple's dream especially those who are on honeymoon or celebrating their wedding anniversaries. Though nowadays, Maldives is becoming a family destination too. Planning your trip could be overwhelming and choosing a resort from about 200 options is not that easy so I'm writing some general tips that… Continue reading Things to Consider When Planning Your Trip to the Maldives

The Struggle of Having a Non-instagram-husband

Behind every cute girl on Instagram is an #Instagramhusband or #Instagramboyfriend. My struggle is real here. For one thing I’m not cute; for another, my husband is not an #instagramhusband. The fact that I am not so photogenic gives me only two solutions to get a proper picture: (1) a really good angle and (2)… Continue reading The Struggle of Having a Non-instagram-husband

Narinig Na Rin Ang Aking Tinig [Sa Love Radio]

Isa sa mga pangarap ko nung medyo bata pa ako ang maging isang DJ sa radyo dahil nais kong marinig ang aking tinig. Tinig na magbibigay buhay sa mga trabahador na inaantok, tinig na maghehele sa mga taong nagpapaantok, tinig na makakapagpatibok muli ng mga puso, tinig na magbibigay buhay muli sa mga luma at… Continue reading Narinig Na Rin Ang Aking Tinig [Sa Love Radio]