In defense of the ordinary

My favorite quote till date is Find Joy in The Ordinary and this has been my blog goal > > to write and create literature out of my daily (and ordinary) life experiences.

Whenever my mind wanders through another path, I remind myself of what I wanted to do with my blog and here is yet another reminder, a very good post ‘In Defense of the Ordinary’ by Andrea Badgley.

Happy reading!

Butterfly Mind

I often get down on myself for the lack of meaning in the spurts of writing I publish on my blog, the ten-minute free writes that are unedited streams of consciousness, the spewing of thoughts after pulling a prompt from a box. “Who cares?” I ask myself. Who cares about the details of everyday life? The creaks and hums my house makes when it is empty? The smell of coffee and paper and ink when I write?

And then I sigh and recognize I am no writer, not like the real writers who don’t just write the details to plop you in the middle of a scene so you feel the warmth of golden light on prairie grasses and smell the grain scent they radiate in sunshine. Real writers get to a deeper truth beyond just being in the setting. They get to meaning.

Or so I thought.

I am in the car…

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I want to write, now. But my mind is lost in a sea of thoughts, rolling like waves on a windy afternoon, making me dizzy.  The ideas in my head blow like a wind, taking me high up to the mountains, giving me hopes of creating masterpieces yet leaving me shattered on the ground like … Continue reading Lost