Weekly Writing Challenge : Easy as Pie

I never really wanted to write anything about love whether it’s happy or sad as I don’t want to sound cheesy or corny but it has suddenly clicked  my light bulb.

And this is my entry for this week’s challenge (Easy as Pie) inspired by :

A Rose
Love is a rose but you better not pick it.
It only grows when it’s on the vine.
A handful of thorns and you’ll know you’ve missed it.
You lose your love when you say the word “mine.”
(Neil Young, “Love Is a Rose,” 1977)

You were once a star that sprinkled magic to my life. And from then on I lived a life of fairy tales thinking and wishing that there will be a happy ending. Every day and every night my heartbeats fast. Like a playful kid I ran my heart out, like a free little bird I spread my wings and fly until I almost reached wonderland.

You were once like a spring, a season of flowers and  everything was bright and beautiful. I picked a flower which looks like you and have sent it through with all my love for you. Like fields my love blossomed, like flowers it bloomed. But like the due, your love became blue.

You were once a rose, a red one. I came close and touched you, but all your thorns pricked my fingers. With blood dripping, with pain I wondered. How can a sweet little thing slash me like a powerful sword?It ripped my heart out, and killed my cheerful soul.

Once again you became a star, but then you twinkled death to my dreams. The world turned around and winter rushed in. Sitting beside the window watching the snow flakes fall from the gloomy sky, I embraced my pillow wishing all my life – I hope spring comes again at the right place and at the right time.


Well I don’t have a title for this one, I can’t squeeze my brain anymore.

Story Challenge : “Letter M”

The “M” Challenge

Miles Away

Living in the world far from my own. Living in the world miles away from home.

I see birds flying and free. I can see the ocean, but I can’t see up to where will it be.

Living in this world full of treasures and dreams, I embrace the warmth and feel the blue breeze.

Measure your dreams, treasure your memories. Laugh out your failures and smile at your miseries.

Listen to the music and create your own.

Live to love and live to be loved.

Miles away from you I found another world.

A smaller map of mystery that I can call mine.

Travel Theme : Foliage

Green, green grass of home! Have taken these photos during my trip home last March.

This is my entry for this challenge Travel Theme: Foliage

This is the river flowing from the mountains of Montalban, Rizal in the Philippines (now called Rodriguez, Rizal). The small town where I came from.

I call this part Mini Thailand. It is on the right side of the river (first photo above).

This is called Wawa Dam, where the water flows  (from the above photos).

The legend of Bernardo Carpio.

If you can see the huge stones on the Wawa Dam on top, well they keep on growing and they are getting bigger each year. And as the legend says, these two mountains were alive once and started to crash into each other.  Thus, creating earth quake and massive landslide. Bernardo Carpio, as they said was the strongest man during that time came and he tried to stop the mountains from crashing together. And that is how those two mountains got separated.

Hope you liked the photos, and the story 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge : Solitary (Alone But Not Lonely)

Another entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge : Solitary

This is my favorite photo, a friend of mine took this while I’m enjoying the sound of the waves.

Why wear jacket then go to the beach? Well, during winter here in Dubai it is really freezing. But then people still go to the beach, not to swim but to listen to the waves and watch the sunset.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Solitary

My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge : Solitary

This photo was taken during my vacation last March. That plant is in solitude.

There’s life everywhere, even in the darkest part of the world.

And this is what I call ” reunion with mother nature