Postcards from Maldives

I've read somewhere, that photography is not about taking photos of what everyone can see daily. It is about looking for angles that everyone fails to see, unless you point it out to them - by taking photos (these aren't the exact words but, something along these lines). I have mentioned several times here already that … Continue reading Postcards from Maldives

Resort Visit – Sun Aqua Vilu Reef

It is not easy to island hop here, hence in my 6months here in the Maldives, I've never visited any other resort except ours (the company that I work for I mean) till last week. Our department decided to visit a resort nearby, Sun Aqua Vilu Reef to hold our farewell dinner for one of … Continue reading Resort Visit – Sun Aqua Vilu Reef

Maldives Ulit.

Nag Maldives na naman si Sabaw noong Hulyo. Noong isang taon ay nanggaling na siya rito, pero hindi nakatiis at bumalik ulit. Ito kasi ang paraisong nagsisilbing takbuhan ni Sabaw kapag nabuburyo na siya sa disyerto. Napakalapit lang kasi, apat na oras lang ang biyahe mula Dubai at hindi pa kailangang problemahin ang visa. Hanggang sa … Continue reading Maldives Ulit.

This isn’t a travel blog but…

It just happened that I was so unproductive yesterday in the office so I thought of diggin' out some old photos (to get some inspiration) and clicked on a folder named Maldives. Well,  I just mentioned my unromantic love story just a bit earlier right? The love story was really quite old and I got … Continue reading This isn’t a travel blog but…