Day 9 – Turtles All the Way Down and Other Books

Since we have less work and more offs, I had more time to read. And I take only two to three evenings to finish a book so here are the recent three.

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Voyager and Other Fictions: The Collected Stories of Jose Dalisay

If there will come a time that I would need to sell my books and leave only a few with me, Jose Dalisay’s Voyager and Other Fictions is definitely going to stay on my shelf and here’s why: Continue reading “Voyager and Other Fictions: The Collected Stories of Jose Dalisay”

2 Main Takeaways from Lisa See’s Island of Sea Women

Island of Sea Women is the story of Young-Sook and Mi-ja, set in a Japanese Occupied Jeju Island of Korea.

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Sanfa & Moosa – Loabinfaru by Mustafa Lutfi

Loabinfaru is a tragic story of the star-crossed lovers – Sanfa, the prettiest girl in Ihuvanfushi Island* (Northernmost part of the Maldives) and Moosa, the most eligible bachelor in Addu Atoll (Southernmost part of the Maldives).

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It’s A Mens World by Bebang Siy

Unang nagka-mens ang kapatid kong si Colay kesa sa akin. Ten years old siya noon at ako, magtutwelve. Sabi ng mga pinsan ko, nauna raw si Colay kasi mas mataba siya at mas aktibo sa paggalaw-galaw kesa sa akin.

Naging sentro ng atensiyon si Colay noong araw na reglahin siya. Lahat kami, nasa labas ng kubeta, naghihintay sa paglabas ng “bagong” dalaga. Pagbukas ng pinto, itong stepmother ko, biglang pumasok. Hinanap niya ang panty ni Colay sa loob ng kubeta. Gulat na gulat si Colay syempre.

Bakit? Tanong niya sa stepmother namin. Labhan mo. Tubig lang. ‘Wag kang gagammit ng sabon. Kusot-kusot lang. Tapos ipunas mo sa mukha mo ‘yang panty. Tapos sabihin mmo, sana maging singkinis ng perlas ang mukha ko. Ulit-ulitin mo. Habang ipinupunas mo sa mukha mo ang panty.

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Sea Prayer by Khaled Hosseini

I was so excited when I saw that Khaled Hosseini’s new book was available here in Maldives so I bought it immediately without even reading the reviews nor checking what the book is all about.

It’s Khaled Hosseini anyway, I told myself. I need not check. I’m sure I’m gonna love it.

When I got hold of the book, I was surprised to see a thin, wide book. I was expecting a thick one.

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Instructions on How to Disappear by Gabriela Lee

In Gabriela Lee’s first book, Instructions on How to Disappear and other stories, she has meticulously and intelligently reworked numerous genre tropes. Set in future manila, a gleaming metropolis where one’s  paranoia may not be exactly unfounded and whose lashing sings tribute to Philip K. Dick, “Stations” takes on the ethical trappings of high technology adoption. “August Moon” relies on a succession of flashbacks to uncover, as well as obscure, the eventual doom of a woman who deems herself a “good wife,” while “Eyes as Wide as the Sky” depicts a post-war world – scorched yet not wholly devoid of hope. These stories insist on the unreal becoming the real, the rational melding with the irrational, familiarity breeding strangeness. An impressive debut.
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