Somewhere Over The Rainbow[s]

It was a warm sunny day. The sky was so clear and the water was bluer than ever.

I told myself, I’ll take a dip later after my shift.

I left the office at 5:30pm and headed to the shores. The sun was still up, it was due to set around 7pm.

Not over five minutes have I stayed in the water when it started raining. It started with a drizzle so I still, kept on swimming. Then it became more than just a drizzle.

The water became cloudy so I stopped my swim. I headed to the beach and sat while the soft rain poured on me.

As I sat, I pondered. How the weather in this part of the world can change so quickly. In a matter of minutes, the bright blue sky turned gray. Just like our thoughts and feelings. In a matter of minutes, this bright happy feeling can suddenly turn into a cloud of deep melancholy, even with just a slight stir of empty words and crappy thoughts.

The rain stopped after a short while and the sun was up again. The sky, ever bright as if it didn’t rain just a few seconds ago. I sat still. I wondered if, like the weather, I should change my mind as well and head back to the water again. Or, keep sitting still and wait for some time till the weather fixes its mind as to whether it wants to keep the sun up or cover the sky with gray clouds again and let the heavens shed tears once more.

The weather can be so confusing at times. And so is life.

The rain finally made up its mind. That’s to leave me and the sun and the sky happier before the night says hello. But it didn’t leave without a trace. Or a gift should I say?

They said, to see a double rainbow is a good omen. Some form of a luck waiting for the one who sees it.

It was my first time to see a double rainbow. I’ve never seen a rainbow that close, let alone two. It seemed so near. I felt like I can almost touch it. Yet it is, still, in reality so far.

I felt like I was in a dream. Of rainbows and white ponies and unicorns. And I wondered if I could ever step on the rainbow and slide to the other side to see whether gold coins await me.

I felt like the world stopped. Like I was in between fantasy and reality. Stuck in the middle of a minute ago and a minute later.

I kept sitting while the whole world moved on. I just looked at the double rainbow and waited until all the colors have faded and I wondered if those colors have turned into stardust sprinkles, blown by the wind somewhere, to grant a lonely child’s wish.

I thanked heavens for the lovely gift. Then I went back to the water to swim again.

photo taken by my colleague, Ahmed Thaif

Mga Kabalbalan sa Isla

Kahit saan ako mapunta ay sentro yata talaga ako ng mga kakaibang pangyayari.

-Inutusan ako maghatid ng guest sa room dahil busy yung mga receptionists. At dahil diyan naligaw ako dahil kahit maliit lang itong isla ay sala-salabid pala ang pagkakapwesto ng mga villa. Nakakahiya pero nabigyan pa rin ako ng tip na tumataginting na 3 dollars. LOL. Pero binigay ko yung tip sa pakalat-kalat na bellboy na nagsalba sa buhay ko nung nakita niyang naliligaw na ako.

-Lumalangoy lang ako sa kababawan eh nakikipag-unahan pa itong mga sapsap na ito. Kayo na mabilis sa tubig. Kainin ko kaya kayo?

-Pinakapaborito kong gawin dito ay ang pangingisda LOL. Heto ang litrato ng mga nahuli namin nung nakaraan. Dalawang red snapper ang nahuli ko haha.



-Sa tinagal-tagal ko na sa propesyong ito, magiging taga-pala lang pala ako ng buhangin bandang huli. LOL.