Free Costa Frostino, anyone?

Oh well, who doesn’t like free stuff?

Sorry guys, but the free coffee from Costa can only be availed in the UAE (well, in case you are here upon reading this….).

I just received this link on facebook where you send and receive free Festive Frostino by filling up their form and blah and blah and then taddaaaaa…you get a Free Frostino, a Caramel Fudge and a Popcorn Latte.

Festive Frostino
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So, this is valid till the 31st of December 2015.

How nice could this be? Sit on a couch, read a book or write on your journal while enjoying a free cup 😛

Hey, this is not a sponsored post or something. I’m just sharing this coffee-love blessing.

Bastakiah, Bur Dubai

Isa itong photo walk. Literal. Photos na bunga ng isang oras na walk. Hindi po ako photographer. Wala po akong alam sa photography at lahat ng larawang ito ay bunga lamang ng pagmamaganda.

Ang lahat ng litrato ay kuha sa Bastakiah, Bur Dubai. Ito ang pinakaluma at pinakahistorical na parte ng Dubai. Makaluma ang arkitektura at disenyo ng mga buildings. Nandito din ang Museum at iba pang cultural establishments ng Dubai. Dito rin makakabili ng mga souvenirs. Nandito rin ang terminal ng abra, pati na rin terminal ng bus.


Bastakiya 001

Bastakiya 002

Bastakiya 003

Bastakiya 004

Bastakiya 005

Bastakiya 006

Bastakiya 007

Bastakiya 008

Bastakiya 009

Bastakiya 010

Bastakiya 011

Bastakiya 012
Abra – Bangkang pantawid sa mga pasahero mula Bur Dubai hanggang Creek

Bastakiya 013

Bastakiya 014

Bastakiya 015

Bastakiya 016

Bastakiya 017

Bastakiya 018

Bastakiya 019

Bastakiya 020

Bastakiya 021

Bastakiya 022

Bastakiya 023

Bastakiya 024

Bastakiya 025

Bastakiya 026

Bastakiya 027

Bastakiya 028

Bastakiya 029

Bastakiya 030

Bastakiya 031


Ang post na ito ay walang kinalaman sa Forever o sa Infinity and beyond chuva ek-ek.

Bale yung Infinity dito ay yung Infinity Tower dito sa Dubai, yung twisted building na nasa gitna ng litrato. Ito ang pinakamataas na twisted na tower (90 degrees twist, 73 story) sa mundo, dinaig ang Turning Torso ng Sweden. Pero pinalitan na nila ang pangalan nito at ginawang Cayan Tower dahil daw marami nang building ang pinangalanang Infinity. Gamit na gamit na daw ang salitang ito. Parang Forever. (Isiningit talaga? ha ha)

Infinity Tower (2014)

So ano palang mayroon sa tower na ito? May pinost kasi akong litrato nito noong 2012. So after 2 years (kasi kinuhaan ko uli siya ng litrato last year), kung mapapansin ang litrato sa taas, may katabi na siyang bagong building (sa kanan).


big and twisted copy
Infinity Tower 2012

So ayun lang. Napansin ko lang yung pagbabago. Minsan, mabuti pa yung mga imprastraktura may bago. May pagbabago. Mabilis ang mga pagbabago. Yung ibang tao hindi nagbabago. Yung ibang sistema hindi nagbago. Ayun lang.

MeMa. MeMasabi lang. 😛

The only thing that is constant is change.

– Heraclitus


Bashing the Dunes

One thing that every tourist won’t miss when visiting Dubai is the Desert Safari. Yeah I know I’m not a tourist here but I don’t do this often, of course.

This is the best time of the year to go to the desert because its not too hot nor too cold.

The vehicle which is usually a 4×4 or a land cruiser or a hummer will pick you up from the hotel and from there will take you to the desert. They will take a few minutes break to condition the tire and the car before bashing the dunes. So while the drivers are busy on their own thing, we are also busy looking at the shops. We saw some fresh coconut and tried out the juice which is refreshing even though not so sweet. This is not really advisable. When going for a safari, one should not eat or drink much because your stomach will go broom broom 🙂 afterwards.
Buko Juice

Souvenir? Well you don’t need to take a bottle and fill it up with sand. Your shoes will do it for you anyway. I thought I’m getting heavier and I couldn’t run. But then I realized that my shoes are carrying one kilo of sand inside it. 🙂


As I said, eating and drinking a lot is a no no before doing this activity. Guys with motion sickness should drink a pill an hour before so you won’t get dizzy.






After the dune bashing, the cars will take you to their camps where you can ride the camel and ride the bikes. (Sorry no more photos). And afterwards, enjoy the show which is of course Arabic cultural entertainment. We watched Egyptian dances and of course the belly dancers.

A buffet will be served at around 7:30pm which consists of Arabic Dishes, kebabs and all sort of stuffs.

Sunday Post : City

Great theme for this week. Let me show you a glimpse of Dubai.

Dubai often perceived as a country, yet it is a City/ Emirate of the United Arab Emirates.

The life here is usually on malls during weekends especially during summer. Obviously, we wouldn’t like to go strolling outside when the temperature is at 45 degrees Celsius. And during winter, that’s the time when everyone goes out for a walk.

This is the “Marina Walk” part of Dubai Festival City.


This is the Dubai Mall at night. It is packed with people every Friday. This is the biggest mall, and beside this is the dancing fountain.

This is a part of Bur Dubai, one of the oldest towns of Dubai. This photo was taken last year during Diwali.

Diwali is an Indian Festival celebrated during mid-October till December. This festival is actually about lights or lamps that’s why all the houses have light displays.

This is Souk Al Bahar, beside Dubai Mall.

Souk is an Arabic word which means open Market. Although Dubai has grown quite rapidly over the last few years, they make it sure that new infrastructures still have the cultural elements within it.

And as Dubai is an Islamic City, you will see Mosques in every corner and street in different designs.

Hope you liked it! 🙂

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