Liebster Award

Chain posts don’t reach the end, it seems. They only go in circles and the next thing you know is you’ve been tagged again.

It’s been a while since I last got a chain post, years maybe? And getting tagged once again made me look back at all my award posts which led me to my very first Liebster Award back in 2012. It’s interesting how some things in our lives changed and some stayed the same. Continue reading “Liebster Award”

The Sunshine Blogger Award

A lot of bloggers have declared their blogs award free because maybe, they get tired of getting and giving awards and also answering and raising questions and much more, choosing and tagging other bloggers.

But sometimes, bloggers throw you interesting questions and while answering them, you start knowing yourself a little bit more. Sometimes we also answer the same questions at different times in our lives and see how our mind changes in a short (or long) span of time. Continue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

I Bought Instagram Followers : Don’t Judge Me

Your first reaction to my post title could be two thumbs down or just a loud ‘Boo!’ You might not even want to read this post after reading the title as you might think what a faker I am to do this but if you are not that judgmental and if you are open minded (this is not networking though) you might want to read this until the end.

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Not Your Usual Blogging Tips: Things I Learned From 5 Years of Blogging

Just type ‘blogging tips’ on google and you’ll definitely find tons of articles which says almost the same thing. I’m not saying I’m so different but what’s on my list is a little bit personal. Things that I learned from when I started blogging till date.

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