Salon Day

The speaker spat out gibberish 90s music. It was as if a DJ was scratching a turntable, like the songs … More

Quarantine and Chill

Coming back home requires ten-day hotel quarantine + a four-day home quarantine. I knew it was a ‘working quarantine,’ and … More

Bringer of the Rain

It became my habit to look at the slither of light coming from the window whenever I open my eyes … More

Ants Bring Rain (Short Story)

Ants crawling on the wall meant rain is coming soon. Sarah always mentioned this to Naila. ‘It is how nature … More

House of Shadows (Short Story)

The window was like a massive painting of a tulip armory in pink and yellow helmets facing their three commanders … More

La Ultima Noche (Short Story)

If they all arrive at the library on time, I could leave swiftly as agreed with Colonel Martinez. My family … More

Finally Free (Short Story)

After seventeen years, Cecilia’s hair was finally cut for the first time. She took the scissors and indulged in cutting … More

Conversation with Lily

I was mad one afternoon because of a matter I couldn’t even recall now. I chatted with my hubby, and … More

Fill Your Cup

I’ve recently started painting flowers. Sometimes I like the results, sometimes I don’t. Once I’m done with my Obra Maestra, … More

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