Annoying Things That Influencers Do

With the rise of influencers came the terms collaborations, barters, and x deals – this meant that brands (especially hotels) […]

Overthinking Does Nothing

I could not stop thinking about the form I was to submit the other day. Maybe the certificate I attached […]

a time for change

It is the time of the year when the wind and current change. The direction of the current is reshaping […]


Last month, I posted about Babaita#1 and #2, about the false alarm positive cases here on the island, and how […]

This Strange Feeling

The past few days, I have been feeling so down. So dark. I couldn’t really understand. I was questioning why […]

3rd Jab, Reckless and Others

Booster I had my booster shot a few days ago, not because I wanted to. But because I want to […]

Halloween. Surprise. Surprise.

This Halloween was the first time I had to dress up and copy a character because I had to. For […]

Khloe’s Keepers

I have this high school classmate who posted about her daughter’s condition on social media. Her daughter’s name is Khloe, […]

A Little Time In Between

Life has been hectic since I came back to the island on the 25th of August. I felt jetlagged for […]

Distant Dialogues

I am so honored to be invited by my online friend Mars of Marsymallows to be a guest on one of her […]

Life Lately

I haven’t been ‘that’ active here lately because I was home, finally. I wasn’t very productive at anything, but hey, […]

do you want to be a writer?

Maybe you do, but you don’t know how or where to start. Maybe you aren’t sure; you’re at 50/50. Maybe […]

Of Happy Times

You wake up with the yellow curtains fluttering a few inches above your face. Yellow isn’t your favorite color, but […]

Salon Day

The speaker spat out gibberish 90s music. It was as if a DJ was scratching a turntable, like the songs […]

the cursed lady (short story)

That afternoon she asked him, ‘Do you remember the cursed lady?’ It was the type of question she asked him […]

Quarantine and Chill

Coming back home requires ten-day hotel quarantine + a four-day home quarantine. I knew it was a ‘working quarantine,’ and […]

Bringer of the Rain

It became my habit to look at the slither of light coming from the window whenever I open my eyes […]

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