Hello and Goodbye


It’s been a while. I was busy. Things here at home are more challenging than when I was abroad. 

I’ve been here since last year. After decades of living and working abroad, I finally came home because of unavoidable circumstances. It wasn’t easy at all. It’s like a culture shock. And along with the adjustments came more issues. It was a tough time.

But I am getting back to my feet little by little. Tiny steps at a time. And I am quite embracing this new season in my life. 

There have been a lot of changes. It feels like autumn. A season of change. Of endings and new beginnings. Of dark and bright shades. 

I felt like the long playful summer of my life had ended. Those good times and adventures that I have been sharing here have come to a sudden halt.

And while this blog takes up a massive space in my heart, I could not continue posting here anymore. 

I will still write, but different from what I used to. No more SEO-driven content. No more novelist wannabe. No more sales and marketing content. No more adventures. Just me. Raw and real. 

I won’t delete this blog as this contains more than a decade of me. Some of the best and worse and hilarious experiences in my life are all written here. This blog grew with me as a writer and as a person. I will just, not post here anymore. Maybe until further notice. I don’t know. I won’t renew the domain, but this will remain as a WordPress site. I will visit from time to time to reminisce about the exhilarating life I have lived. 

I am happy to have met all of you here. I am grateful for the friendship, in and out of WordPress. I will not leave WordPress though, so if you are still reading this, I am sure we will meet again, just where the sun rises. 

Thank you once again, and I wish you all the best. 


~ sabaw man ay nagkakalaman din

P.S. ~ this is really heartbreaking.

23 responses to “Hello and Goodbye”

  1. I hope all is well with you, Aysa. Mamimiss ko mga diving adventures mo na mga blogs at mga drawings mo. 💕

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    1. Salamat Patatas! See you around. Sana makapag Sardine Run tayong 2 huhu

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      1. magsardines run tayo dapat lang! huhu hindi ako sanay na seryoso mga comments natin huhuhu 😦

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        1. haha edi gawing kaolokohan haha

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          1. hahaha more sabaw pa hahahhahaa

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  2. moving back home after living abroad for many years can really feel like a culture shock at first but you’ll get used to it soon though not unless you move back abroad hehe. i experienced the same when I came home back in 2016. I hope all is well with you right now.. but please don’t stop writing! ☺️ Raw and real is much better and you’ll even feel better since it will just come naturally! Don’t stop writing (blogging) 🙏🏼

    will be waiting for your raw writing/posts may it be here or another/new WordPress site

    -your fellow hotelier
    p.s. hirap talaga magadjust agad kapag galing abroad, it took me at least 2 years since nung umuwi ako para makaadjust pero kaya mo yan! 🤓

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    1. Hey Rai!

      Thank you for your kind words. Yes I will still write.

      I envy you. Nakakapagwork ka sa iba’t ibang lugar sa bansa. Enjoy the hotelier life, the elegant chaos or chaotic elegance, however you want to define it. Never mind the unpaid OTs and long hours at work. You’ll miss it once you retire.

      God bless!

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  3. Good luck brad. Yes, please continue to write. That helped me quite a lot. You already amused a lot of people, but now it’s time to write for your own pleasure. See you sa susunod na version ng Aysabaw!

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    1. Salamat brad. See you on the Eastside!

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  4. I’ll be missing one excellent writer. I wish for you the best.

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    1. Maraming salamat po Sir! God Bless!


  5. Rest but do not stop. Life is an exciting journey, so continue living life full of excitement! I, too went back home from December, had adjusted well so far, maybe because I was ready facing my “new season’. Don’t be too hard on yourself, things will get aligned in no time ☺️..

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    1. Thank you so much! Congrats and all the best on your ‘new season’ too.

      God bless!


  6. Part of me is waiting for the link of the new site. Hindi man dot com, still excited to read your writings. All the best, Aysa!

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    1. Grabe nakakaiyak pala ito. Mahirap mag let go. See you around Rhea 😀

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      1. Para kang nakipag-break ba? Hehe.

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        1. more, parang nagreresign haha

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          1. Haha. Naku true, ako nga lumipat lang ng floor dito sa office, may sepanx pa din. 😀

            The good thing is that writing is already innate sa buong pagkatao mo. Kahit saang platform pa yan, you will continue to write. 🙂


  7. Akala ko may link sa dulo para dun sa new site 😦 Ikaw pa rin ang isa sa unang naging blogger friends ko ❤ Goodluck and enjoy being home!


    1. Hello Kat!

      Di ko naisip lagyan ng link. Pero madali naman ako kausap hahahah


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      1. Auto-follow! See u there at girl sobrang saya ko na nasa same season tayo. Mahirap itong season na ito personally, parang identity crisis the first 2 years.


  8. Hugs! Take it easy! Come back soon ❤️


  9. Weirdly enough, I’m looking at my old WordPress site, too, and thinking of creating a new one for the new me…and as I was browsing, it led me to your site! Hope we can still connect!


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