It’s Christmas, after all

The late December breeze hisses incessantly, making the branches of the chico tree from the neighbor’s backyard dance to its rhythm. The afternoon is filled with screaming kids and loud motorbikes passing by. Simmering pans knock on the door of twilight, and the evening is not without the merry music of drinking uncles. Every corner has its anthem.

The neighborhood kids are still outdoors, even late at night. A lively atmosphere is present amidst the chilly evening. Waves of laughter fill the air, and light sparkles everywhere.

It’s Christmas, after all. Have a good one!

3 responses to “It’s Christmas, after all”

  1. Happy holidays, Aysa 🙂


  2. Happy Christmas, Aysa, and an eventful and beautiful 2023!


  3. Happy New Year!!v 🙂


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