Online Selling World: What Sellers Wish Buyers Know

Online selling became an instant hit during the pandemic. When people cannot get out, their goods are delivered to their doorstep.

Last year, we created our online shop, which did well because of the needs of students for their online classes. This year, it is the same.

This time, I am more involved in our operations (naks operations…) plus, I made another online shop for my handmade bags and pouches (~ saving this for another post). Both shops have different markets, which is quite interesting.

While online selling helps people (sellers) work from home and handle their own time, it could be pretty stressful when the number of messages you need to respond to increases and the number of orders you need to pack. The first is more stressful than the latter because human minds are unpredictable. I can’t guess what they will come up with. Sometimes I receive threatening messages, sometimes, messages from jejeworld.

There are things I wish buyers would understand to make the seller’s lives a tad easier, and I believe other sellers would agree to these too.

We do not have psychic powers

Regardless of the information we write about the products; people will still try to send messages via chat and ask questions that are already available on the product details. And worse, they can’t be more specific about their questions.

Anong size para sa 4 years old?

Size of what? It’s like I only sell one product that I’d definitely know what the buyer is asking. Or the buyer thinks I can easily guess what she is asking for?

Same thing when a buyer asks, when will I receive the order?

I don’t even know where the buyers are located first of all. And they didn’t even mention the location. Did they expect I would know?

We are not gods and goddesses of deliveries.

Will I receive the items tomorrow if I order them today?

Sometimes, I’d want to say ‘ definitely not.’ But being in the customer service industry, there are things we shouldn’t dare say.

We provide information about the products for you to read.

Either people read but have poor reading comprehension, or they just want the shortcut – ask and be spoon-fed.

Sometimes, all the details have been provided already, but they would still ask questions repeatedly.

We are not online 24/7.

I came across a buyer who came from jejeworld. When I opened my chatbox, she sent tons of messages saying she ordered only one skirt, demanding my immediate reply. When I checked, she actually made two separate orders. So I replied, ” Could you please cancel the other order if you only need one?” I left the chat box and did other things. When I opened the chatbox again, I saw tons of jeje messages from her.

Xmagot qa seller.
Di qa ba nagbbxa? Xabi q nga isa lng order ko. Di qa ba mrunong magbasa?
Pxensyahan tayo pag dmating yan dto. Di q babayaran yan dhl wla aqng pmbayad nyan. Di ko kxalanan yan. Ixang set lang bininili q.

In the first place, it was already her fault for placing two orders. And then she bought only skirts, not even the set because, for sure, she didn’t read the instructions on how she could order the set.

I was so pissed off that I didn’t reply anymore and didn’t even process her order.

We don’t want your threats.
Sellers try to do their best to accommodate buyers’ requests, questions, etc.,

Once I came across a buyer asking me to change the size of the item she ordered on the day it was already scheduled to be shipped. I packed all the orders the previous night, and they are ready to be shipped. Imagine the trouble of looking for one parcel out of 30 to 40, opening it, and repacking again just because the buyer cannot make up her mind. I did refuse, and she threatened to write a bad review saying something like –

Ok. Antayin ko na lang yung item at antayin mo na lang yung review mo.

And I was like, seriously?

We are happy to read funky usernames and addresses. Keep it up!

While we get stressed from reading annoying messages, we destress ourselves by reading comedic usernames. While some people take the creation of usernames seriously, including even their ancestors’ names ( just exaggerating), some opt for funny usernames.

Lokos of Bohol

I understand the trouble of buyers when riders couldn’t get their addresses. There’s one address that I can’t forget. It says,

Katabi ng bahay ni Aling Darla.

When I saw this, I was like, who the hell is Aling Darla? With a vicious laugh.

But then I could understand how frustrated this buyer must be even to write her neighbor’s name on the address.

7 responses to “Online Selling World: What Sellers Wish Buyers Know”

  1. LOL. Feeling ko medyo guilty ako dun sa part na “they just want the shortcut – ask and be spoon-fed.” Hahaha. Grabiiii naman yung jej. Binasa ko yung buong message kahit nakakajirits. Hahaha.

    Btw, bat di ko alam yung isang store na may skirt? Haha


    1. ha ha, may time naman talaga na nakakatamad magbasa at feeling natin mas madali na lang kung magtatanong. pero iba rin kasi yung makukulit promise hahaha

      itong isang store namin ay kiddies costumes and uniform ang paninda haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ahhh baka kaya di ko napansin yung store. not applicable. haha.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. aliw sa landmark ng address ‘..katabi ng bahay ni Aling Darla..’

    Kakabilib yung patience sa online selling hano. Mayayamutin kc ako sa mga ganyan, ipag b block ko sa fb yang mga yan haha.

    More power sa business venture mo..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kailangan talaga ng patience haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Albert Soriano Avatar
        Albert Soriano

        Oo nga hehe.. bigas men, bigas 😄


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