Last month, I posted about Babaita#1 and #2, about the false alarm positive cases here on the island, and how my poor nose was dug twice in the same day.

And now, I’m posting about how I got hit by the b!tch, and I kept blaming it on Toblerone.

I was off on a Saturday and ate one Toblerone bar while watching a series. One bar is actually a bit too much for one sitting.

Sunday evening, just before I slept, I felt the pain in my throat. I knew that I’d get a fever because that’s just how my body reacts typically to tonsilitis.

On Monday morning, I still went about my daily routine, but the sore throat was more annoying, and before lunchtime, I could feel the pain on my hips, and my legs were so weak. My eyes felt warm too. After lunch, I went to my room, thinking I could sleep this out and get better afterward, but I couldn’t sleep. Water started dripping from my nose like an open faucet. I asked our manager if I could still go out of my room or isolate myself given the symptoms I had. He asked me to stay in my room and said he would send the nurse to check on me.

The nurse came and tested me. And I’m positive.

I called my sister, and she laughed at my news.

I called my mom, and she shouted at me, interrogating where and how I contracted the b!tch. I said I don’t know, but I will be fine. I told her I would have the opportunity to watch a lot of Kdramas because I’d be isolated for 7days. She smiled and told me what Kdramas was she watching.

I sent a voice message to my close friend. She didn’t see my message for some days. But I saw her happy Valentine’s Date posts on social media. So I sent her a message again, post-Valentine’s, telling her (in an overly dramatic way) that I contracted the virus here and she wouldn’t even say hi because she’s happy over Valentine’s. She asked me if I was telling the truth or I was joking. She asked me for proof. I sent her a photo of me with tissue inserted on one of my nostrils. She still didn’t believe me.

I spent four out of my seven days of isolation, sleeping, and eating. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even wake up until the food delivery guy knocked on my door to send my food. I think my body was really at its lowest. And it really needed that short break to recuperate.

On the last 3 days of isolation, I slept less, I was able to sing, do some light exercises, and even do Zumba on the 7th day.

And I was released on the 8th day, back to the usual grind.

I just found it funny that I got this two years after the pandemic started. I thought I’d be a legend not to contract the b!tch until the pandemic is over. Well, even our body succumbs when we don’t get the rest that is needed, no matter how healthy we are, no matter how strong our immunity system is. But I am glad that this happened to me at this time when although it’s still a serious matter, it’s not something I’d panic about. Anymore. I could imagine how I could have felt if I had contracted this during the early stages of the pandemic. Stress could have killed me first before the virus.

I’m happy to get out of my room and eat warm meals again (because the food was already cold before it could reach me during my quarantine period).

Most of all, I’m happy that I only had mild symptoms; it felt like the usual trangkaso to me. I’m out in the sun again, although my voice still sounds a bit like Bella Flores at the moment.

Hope you are all well! Stay safe and healthy!

20 responses to “Positive-ity”

  1. Gusto lang daw ni Omicron mag rest ka for a while. haha

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    1. at makanood ng mga series haha

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  2. Nako nako nako. Pinangarap din namin ni Jeff yan. Pero more of not to experience the RT-PCR until the pandemic is over. Haha.

    I’m glad that you were able to take a rest. Kasi ako, gumaling na lang habang tinatapos ang yearend closing. Walang K mag-SL ganern.

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    1. Grabe yung walang K mag SL haha

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      1. Dibaaa.. Kala mo tagapagmana ng kumpanya. Haha.


  3. Glad you’re okay na! 🙂 and okay na rin na nakapahinga ka.

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  4. Nalimutan ko sabihin, bili ka ng throat spray tapos maghanda na agad ng mga pang gargle kung nakaramdam ka na ng sakit ng lalamunan. Effective pa rin sa akin ang warm water and salt na gargle hihi

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    1. Naku, kuha na lang akong tubig sa dagat haha, parang wala akong mabibilhang throat spray dito haha


  5. Glad you recovered well! Good excuse for a time-out, at the very least. Sorry for the repeated assaults on your nose though. They really have to come up with a better way to test. Ugh.

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    1. Thanks! Glad to have some forced rest 😀


  6. Thank God you’re safe and recovered… hindi daw papayag na hindi ka kasali 😀 😀 😀
    Take care and hope you remain safe always ❤

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    1. kelangan kasali hihihihi

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  7. Haha, same here. Caught what I think is Omicron over the holidays. Tinawanan ako ng Ate ko. Mild symptoms lang din naman. 😅

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    1. Ang masaklap yung pinagtatawanan tayo haha

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  8. Naranasan ko rin ‘to. Mahirap lang talaga kasi marami kami sa bahay so nagkakahawaan kami. Malala pa eh kung pabalik-balik at paulit-ulit. Mabuti naman at ok ka na. 😉

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    1. Naku mahirap pag maraming magkakasama. Take care!


  9. Oh i hope you’re okay now. Hugs!


  10. dahil sa toblerone, namigay ka sana ng toblerone HAHA para di ka nalapitan ni b!tch hahaha


    1. lesson learned: bawal matakaw haha


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