3rd Jab, Reckless and Others

3rd Jab, Reckless and Others


I had my booster shot a few days ago, not because I wanted to. But because I want to tick it off that list. And it might be required sooner or later.

Everyone who had their dose had pain in their arms. So I just expected to have the same side effects.

As usual, I got the kick later than the rest. So while everyone was already feeling that pain, I still didn’t feel a thing except that I wanted to sleep early. The next day, it was not only my arms that were painful, my back and knees too. My whole body hurt. And I looked like a mess. I went to sleep at midday, and my temperature rose and fell sporadically.

The following day, I was good as new. And while I felt the worse side effects, I was relieved of it after a day of suffering, unlike the others who still felt the pain after two or three days.

I had Covieshield Astra Zeneca for my first and second dose, by the way, and had Pfizer for my third. I’m still a human.


So. I was playing a song on youtube. It was a trending dance craze on Tiktok, My All by Marissa Lambert. Her version was good (if not tainted by those hilarious macho dancer dance moves on TikTok). Youtube then automatically played a song after this, Reckless by Madison Beer, and I fell in love with it after hearing it for the first time.


I’ve been reading Sweet Sweet Revenge LTD by Jonas Jonasson for ages, and I just couldn’t finish it. Either it doesn’t have that element that could keep me awake until 2 am, or I just get distracted by Netflix series that has better storylines. I just finished watching The Silent Sea, which is quite interesting, and I’m currently on Stranges from Hell and Manifest. Both are even more interesting.

Been slacking on my writing here. Sometimes I just couldn’t write anymore. Been writing for our website and social media accounts, and it’s mentally tiring. Also, I’m still bad at SEOs. Need to learn more.

That’s all. I hope your 2022 has started well.

26 responses to “3rd Jab, Reckless and Others”

  1. “Been writing for our website and social media accounts, and it’s mentally tiring.” – kaya pala madalang ka na makagawa ng bago.

    Been daydreaming a lot about this writing for a website of a company. I think I know the feeling but of course it’s not the same as the seeming “agony” you have at the moment feeling it firsthand. But still it sparks my curiosity.

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