Dubai, You Are Still In My Mind

It’s been five years since I left Dubai, and I never felt that I missed the place until I visited it recently.

I stayed for a couple of days, met friends, went to the same places I used to visit, and ate the foods I missed.

The first on my list of places was Kinokuniya in Dubai Mall. Although I found an online shop that delivers books here on the island, I still missed being surrounded by books, taking in the scent of papers, and feeling so small amidst the towering shelves of knowledge.

I had a list of food I wanted to eat, first was Jollibee Chicken Joy, and then Betawi’s Nasi Goreng.

I had a leisure lunch at Eataly with my virtual-turned-real-life friend, Ji of Jirahlization, where we indulged in freshly made pasta and fried Calamari.

Then on my last day, two other female friends and I basked in the golden hour while sipping (but, actually, gulping down) glasses of Prosecco at the recently opened bar at Al Qasr, overlooking the Burj Al Arab.

I had a list of things that I needed to buy, and I had things bought without being included in my list, hence the hole in my pocket, but I have no regrets. I am not pro overspending, but I believe that I can earn money again but not happiness.

I enjoyed my time walking around Dubai with or without company. I missed the glam and glitz of the city lights. I enjoyed that feeling of being alone amidst the crowd, and no one cared about what I did or what I wanted to do. I missed that feeling of familiarity in strangeness.

Dubai has a special place in my heart. That’s where I got my first ever job in 2006, and the rest is history. When I passed by some places, I felt light-hearted, thinking of the things that I’ve been through and how they all contributed to what I am today. I could only be grateful.

People asked me a lot of times if I’d still consider working in Dubai if given the opportunity, and my answer was always a no.

I enjoy the working environment here in the Maldives. But then, after seeing Dubai again and realizing how convenient it is that I could do whatever I want, get whatever I want, eat and buy whatever I want, any time I want, I might reconsider. But maybe, not so soon.

20 responses to “Dubai, You Are Still In My Mind”

  1. Interesting!
    I visited Dubai back in January 2017 and it was a phenomenal experience for me and my family. Probably because it was our very first international trip abroad outside our homeland. Loved your Instagram video 🙂

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    1. Thanks Hammad! Dubai is indeed an amazing place to explore.

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  2. Kilala pa kaya ako nito 🥺


    1. naturalmente. Zzup bro?


      1. Bruuuu. Sa maldives ka pa den?

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          1. Bruuu. Kelan ka uwe ng Pinas? Tara sa cubao 🥺

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          2. haha kakauwi ko lang…baka next year na ulit


          3. Sana naman ay magkabanggaan tayo dito sa Pinas in the future 😁

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          4. haha set na yang banggaan na yan sa 7/11


          5. Merry Christmas bruuu. 🍻


  3. Puro kain, Inang Bibe. Di naman nataba. Haha

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    1. Kala mo lang hindi. HAHA

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      1. Haha asaaaan ang fats?? Asan???

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        1. Nakatago. HAHAHA. #heal

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          1. Nyahahahhaha. Aling Hilda!


  4. Wow… mukhang kakaenjoy ang trip! Nice photos… nagtagumpay ka sa pag gutom sa amin 😀 😀 😀

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    1. HAHA for sure mas marami kang nakakain dyan na masarap on a daily basis kesa sa akin dito haha

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      1. Hehehe… di rin daily sa mahal hahah lol… my favorite is villa restaurant— legit thai food that’s been here ever since the world began pero hindi man lang pinaganda, as in linoleum ata ang table covers lol


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