Khloe’s Keepers

I have this high school classmate who posted about her daughter’s condition on social media. Her daughter’s name is Khloe, and she was diagnosed with leukemia.

My high school classmate is a single mom (as far as I know) of two beautiful daughters. Khloe is the younger one, and it is painful to see the posts about her condition, their hospital visits, and her gradual loss of hair due to chemo.

I wasn’t really friends with Khloe’s mom. She was one of those popular kids during our time while I sat quietly in the last row of the classroom. Since we graduated from high school, we haven’t been in touch, but we’ve been Facebook friends for the longest time, seeing each other’s whereabouts and milestones in life through our newsfeed.

But our not being friends doesn’t matter. I wish this kid gets a chance to experience life. I saw the gofundme link they posted earlier today, and I’m sharing it here. If you have some extra, please help.

Khloe’s mom didn’t ask me to post this, nor will I tell her. But I hope this tiny space of mine can help.

I’d love to hear from you!

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