A Little Time In Between

Life has been hectic since I came back to the island on the 25th of August. I felt jetlagged for almost weeks. Not sure how to describe the feeling exactly, but it was like floating. My mind wandered off, and I could not focus. I felt so tired.


I took over a new role. I have wanted this role ever since, and I was happy to get the chance. From Sales, I moved to PR & Marketing. 

I like my new role because I only sit behind the desk and do my tasks quietly. I am answerable to my Director and General Manager. The only challenge is the workload is quite a lot ~ this is not a complaint, though. If I could extend the number of hours per day, I’d do it because there’s not enough time for all the tasks I need to do.

The best part is how satisfying it was to tell the agents (those I don’t like haha) that I am not handling sales anymore; you can call the new person in charge. It’s not that I didn’t like being in sales; I didn’t like talking to overly rude and aggressive clients, the type of people that sends a jolt to my body whenever I see their name on the screen of my phone. Some people gave me trauma.

The World of Shopee

I mentioned in one of my posts that we made a shop in shopee in August. It was, well, visited by mosquitoes for more than a month. We only sold three items in more than a month. And two of them were even ‘hard sells.’ They found us via Facebook, and they didn’t even know how to use shopee at that point. But we were still thankful to those first customers. One of the buyers was from Mindanao, and I was even scared of what will become of the order. Whether it will reach its destination or not. 

But after one quiet month, there was a drastic change. At come end of September, I was surprised when I woke up to see notifications of orders. At first, we received about three to five orders per day. Then day after day, it increased, and until now, we are getting ten to fifteen orders per day. We were shocked. We didn’t expect an immediate boost in sales. 

I heard some sellers get about fifty orders per day, but still, fifteen orders is a lot for us who started with just three orders in a month.

We sell costumes for United Nations, and this is the season. It is required by some schools that’s why parents are buying for their kids. But after this, I don’t know how our sales will be. It could drop. We can’t say.

My sister and brother run the shop, and I help them a bit on social media.

Running this online shop is pretty challenging because of our family setup – that’s me, being away. But what I liked is, it brought me closer to my family. I’ve never called nor chatted with them this much in years. We speak almost every day now because of the orders. Before this shopee thing, we never talked online for more than thirty minutes, once or twice a month.

I am not here to promote shopee (haha) they didn’t pay me. But, I am just amazed at how powerful the app is. And how it brought about this change in my life.

11 responses to “A Little Time In Between”

  1. Hey Aysa!
    Many congratulations to you on moving to the PR from Sales. This is such a big achievement.
    And also congratulations for running a shop on Shopee. What are you selling?

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    1. Hey Hammad! Nice to hear from you. I haven’t visited your blog for a while because I’m quite busy. We sell clothes, National Costumes, Super Hero costumes…etc.

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      1. Wow!
        This is really nice. No need to worry about not visiting my blog. Focus on your new venture.


  2. good luck on your new job and shopee business. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Salamat po ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. Good luck sa online biz!

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    1. Salamat! Pa mine na dyan sissy! haha

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  4. what’s the name? i want to see ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Hahaha. Move over, Kris! Aysa is here!!! Charlung! โค

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