Distant Dialogues

Distant Dialogues

I am so honored to be invited by my online friend Mars of Marsymallows to be a guest on one of her Podcast Episodes where we spoke about one of my favorite things to do, free diving.

This was my first ever podcast guesting (haha sikat lungs?), and to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. It was okay while recording it, but when it went live, and I listened to it afterward, it felt awkward (haha.)

I’m not sure if I made sense, but I hope whoever listened or listens to it could get a thing or two out of it.

This is quite a short post because, to be honest, I felt blurred since I got back to the island. I don’t know if my body is still adjusting because I was home for so long (2months is long) or my brain is still on vacation mode. Or this is jet lag. (Wow, 2 weeks jet lag?)

Anyway, the podcast is in Tagalog, so here’s the link if you’re interested in listening. Thanks again Mars and hope we can have a session with Martin Z.

Till then. Take care. Ciao.

31 responses to “Distant Dialogues”

  1. Nag-enjoy ako sa episode na kasama ka. Hehehe! Parang na-eenganyo tuloy ako mag-free diving. 10 minute-walk away lang ako sa pinakamalapit ng dagat dito sa Kobe. Hahaha! Kaso ano lang pigil lang muna ng hininga at wala pa akong gear. Hehehe! Sa tuwa ko, nag-iwan ako ng message sa Anchor ng Distant Dialogues.


  2. Waaahhhhh sorry ang awkward baaaa?? Haha kakainis pa yung lag! Super nagccringe ako while editing pero na-happy pa rin naman ako hahaha! May part 2 pa ah! hahaha! Thanks Aysa and to Martin Z! hahahaha feelingeraaaa!

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  3. Hi!

    It’s nice to know that your account is still active. I left mine years ago but planning to be active here again. And OMG, I was just planning to start my own podcast ‘thing’. Hahaha. Maybe this is a sign!



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