Life Lately

Life Lately

I haven’t been ‘that’ active here lately because I was home, finally. I wasn’t very productive at anything, but hey, I was on holiday. I just binged watch series and ate and slept all I wanted. I was able to go to the mall three times before Manila declared ECQ again. However, in my hometown, it wasn’t that strict. We were just on MECQ, and the only restriction was no dine-in.

The kids run all day freely on our street (until the police car roamed the road late in the afternoon). We hang around without masks unless we’d cross the boundary.

It was hot and sticky and rainy all at the same time. The rain poured randomly, and sometimes the day was pale. However, I got to see a stunning sunset from our rooftop once. Raging red on the other side, turning the roofs dark maroon while light pink on the other side, subtly blushing the clouds on top of the mountain.

Dream and Rejections

I had a dream that all the short stories and essays I submitted to online magazines got rejected. A few days later, I got the email rejections one by one. For some reason, I just felt numb, as if I was so used to rejections already. But maybe, my stories weren’t good enough. So I just have to keep trying.

Market! Market!

I grew up in the market. We were raised selling clothes. Those stories were half true for those who have read my Palengke Chronicles because I was in the palengke since I was nine. So now, my sister and I decided to try to bring it to the digital world. We made a Facebook page for it, and we made a shop in shopee as well. Because, why not?

For now, I am back on the island. Grinding again.

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