Adultery by Paulo Coelho

I was a reader of Paulo Coelho’s book lightyears ago, but after reading many things about witchery in his books, I stopped.

I asked a friend of mine to buy and send me some books, and she sent Adultery along with the books I have asked for and suggested for me to read it.

That I read it just after completing The 7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo didn’t really help. It felt so dull after an excellent read. So I skipped it, read The Shadows of the Wind first, and decided that I’d just finish it since I am already halfway through the book. And it was really a pain.

Switzerland’s First World Problems

The story was set in Switzerland, and the description of Swiss problems seemed very funny to me. For example, they increased the demand for investigators for cheating spouses or had unexpected heavy traffic because there is a global conference. That the popular restaurants as per tourists are actually mediocre. Such problems. However, this is fiction; the story was told from the main character’s point of view, whose main characteristic is to whine. But I guess some of these could also be true.

About the Main Character

Linda was a bored woman who has everything: a good (and rich) husband, two kids, and a successful career. She started going to therapy because of loneliness, and for the same reason, she started cheating on her husband and even went to the lengths of destroying the wife of her fling. I am ignorant about anxiety and depression, and I started asking myself if Linda was depressed and if what she was going through was depression. However, it seemed that she was just really bored with the monotony of her life.

About The Main Character’s Husband

I love the character of Linda’s husband. He was so understanding, and he gave her a second chance. I was half expecting it to be like the scenes we see in Raffy Tulfo in Action (ok, just kidding), but this husband is too perfect. I am not sure if they exist in real life.


If the author’s primary goal is to annoy us with the main character’s annoying trait, he succeeded.

I have nothing against those who feel lonely in life or those who are struggling with anxiety. All my above comments are particularly about the character in this novel.

I really don’t know what my friend liked in this book, and I would never have read this if she didn’t recommend it. But I’d never reread this. This is not my cup of tea.

10 responses to “Adultery by Paulo Coelho”

  1. Same review here, na bored ako sa librong yan! hahha

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    1. Sa totoo lang, parang nag-aksaya lang ako ng oras haha

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  2. I don’t read adultery books. Ugh. it spikes my blood pressure. lol

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    1. I read it just because my friend sent it and I value our friendship. LOL. If not for her I won’t hahaha

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      1. Hey, I notice something about Philippine movies and drama tv shows…. almost all involves ” cheating” of some sort.

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        1. A lot of them. HAHA

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        2. Shirla Makhubela Avatar
          Shirla Makhubela

          😅 really.

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  3. I read this too. I was already thinking I shouldn’t have read this when I started. I finished it. Yeah, I was right. I shouldn’t have read it.

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    1. Oo nga. Nakasayang sa oras haha


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