Small Gifts

I’ve recently read a post about how we can turn small gifts into something big. The writer’s school teacher gave her the gift of God’s love through music every week when she formed a children’s choir. And now, the writer herself has been giving gifts to other girls, not through music but through her writing instead.

I started thinking about the people who have imparted different gifts to me throughout my life and I can only smile and be grateful for the chance of meeting them.

I subscribed to a newsletter quite some time ago. The writer, Hanna Brencher, a lady whom I don’t know personally is someone, I must have seen randomly online. I couldn’t even remember how and where did I see her. All I know is that her emails are consistently coming into my inbox every Monday. She’s been sharing motivational letters every week and most of the time, her pep talk arrives just when I needed them.

Every Monday I look forward to unwrapping a new present, sent from the other side of this planet by a random stranger.

There are lots of tiny gifts that come our way every day. We only need to look around with a grateful heart and we’ll easily find them. Like the sliver of sunlight that passes through the curtains in the morning, like the Chef who decreased his chili dosage on the food so people like me who can’t eat spicy food can enjoy it too. Like the school of fusilier that showed up just before I completed my swim, like a message from a friend who’s far away.

I hope that I bring small gifts to the people around me too, and to those who read my blog post. I hope you can also be a gift to someone who needs a surprise present right now.


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