Writing and the Harsh Reality

Alexa Donne’s writing tutorials and advice popped up as youtube’s recommended videos several times already. I ignored it for the longest time. But last night, I finally succumbed to youtube’s persistence. I watched her Harsh Writing Advice and harsh, she really was.

But that being said, her tips are great if not the best. And here are my takeaways.

Your Writing Sucks

Well, Alexa said, Your First Novel Sucks. For bloggers like me who haven’t published any books yet, I can say, my first blog post sucks (ed). It is true and I couldn’t even read it without cringing. I even feel embarrassed to read it again. (and don’t you dare check my first ever blog post…please…) But being ashamed of your ‘bad’ work is a good sign. It means you improved and you can already identify good from bad writing.

If your writing sucks, you need to improve. So keep writing.

Nobody Cares About What You Write

You publish a well-researched, well-written blog post. You feel very proud. After several days, you get three likes from bloggers you don’t know, bots maybe. You wanna smash your laptop on the floor.

We have to face it. Who cares about what we write, really? Few writer friends? Few followers who admire our stories or writing style?

But if they don’t care, you also don’t have to care about them. Keep writing.

You Are Not Original

Your poem or story must have been written by one of the so many writers in this world. But that’s okay. What makes you original is your own way of writing the same story.

Your idea might not be the very first ever in this world, but keep writing. Write it your way.


And finally,

Excuses are bullshit. Write.



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18 responses to “Writing and the Harsh Reality”

  1. Thank you for sharing, ate. Keep writing :’)

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    1. Hihihih ikaw din Vienna keep writing ha!


  2. “After several days, you get three likes from bloggers you don’t know, bots maybe.” – always present ako dito brad up to now and I’ve been blogging for 8 years now 🤣🤣🤣

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    1. Consistency is the key brad hahahahaha

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      1. Consistent naman ako, pati results consistent 😂😂

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  3. “what makes you original is your own way of writing the same story” I love that 😊

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  4. These are legitimate points. My first blog was in live journal and I dwelled in Multiply for some time. You are right about the cringey feelings.
    In fact, there are still loads of cringe worthy posts on my current blog.
    I write for myself, para di ako maloka, kahit minsan parang andaldal ko lang, I’ve learned the art of keberity… the ones bound to care will find you eventually ❤


    1. Ako din marami pa ring naisusulat na nakakahiya basahin uli kaya hinahayaan ko na lang sila diyan haha…

      Tama, sulat lang ng sulat….kahit walang may pake haha

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      1. troth. cringe kung cringe, pag super shameful, hide! LOL

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  5. True! Cringe-y nga yung mga first blog posts natin no? Even sa podcast, nakakasuya pakinggan yung mga unang episodes. Haha.

    Bet ko yung paglagay ng kofi link. Magaya nga. 😀

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    1. True haha pero at least natuto tayo no..

      Lagay ka an ng link at baka may magkamali ng pindot makakape pa tayo haha

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      1. HAHAHAHA makapagsulat na nga.

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        1. HAHAHA oo tas lagyan mo ng ko-fi icon sa dulo haha

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  6. Yes! I love watching her videos they have helped my writing so much.

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    1. Yay! Thanks for passing by. Her videos are really cool.


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