Patched Up

Sometimes, it is the most trivial of things that crack that hard shell and breaks into the deepest and most fragile part that you ever so protected. One thug and you are shattered. The type of brokenness that will make you curl yourself in a fetal position between your three pillows, tucked in the sanctuary that is your blanket as you stay late and cry yourself to sleep. You wake up with puffy eyes staring straight into the ceiling. You realize it is way past lunchtime but you couldn’t be bothered. Faint sunrays slither into the darkroom. It is time to get up but you don’t want to and you pull your blanket until your chest.

It is not only love that breaks your heart in two. The deepest cuts are not made by the sharpest knives or swords. Sadness is not brought about by loneliness, it is mostly the other way around.

The good thing about breaking down is you get a chance to learn the art of putting your small pieces back together and make yourself whole again. The intricacy of the process can be ugly and tricky but that’s how you grow and growing up is of great essence.

You wake up one morning knowing that you are still in the healing process but your patched up self is ready once again.


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7 responses to “Patched Up”

  1. May pinagdadaanan? Hugs…

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    1. wahahaha…hug back!


    1. Hihihi oo nga masarap magkape ng may kausap

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  2. Minsan tamang break down lang tapos function na ulet. 🙂

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