She Won’t Follow Anymore

~ A short story ~

She bounces between the glass wall and the tiny tables and finally slides herself into the chair. She gives him a wide smile and hangs her bag on the back of the chair. He crushes the butt of his cigarette on the ashtray in the middle of the table that is occupied by a wooden sugar caddy, an empty espresso cup, and his dark brown messenger bag.

She finds hope when she sees that he still uses the bag she gave him five years ago no matter how old and worn out it appears with all the stains and uneven stitches and patches in random places. She hopes that one day; they can stitch up all their broken parts and be whole again.



Featured image: @seefromthesky

7 responses to “She Won’t Follow Anymore”

    1. haha konti na lang brad…

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  1. wow your on spillwords too yay galing

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    1. ginaya ko lang po kayo haha kaya nagsubmit ako…try lang…akala ko di mapupublish HAHA

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      1. ooohh myyy you don’t know how thrilled i was to see you there…yay way to goooo

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