The Girl Who Cried Wolf

i dreamed of bacon

and soft white steamed seafood dumplings for breakfast

and a friend I once knew.


she showed care

and love.

i trusted.


mother said

never trust strangers

but strangers I did trust.


mother said

never listen to wolves

but to a wolf, I listened.


shame on me

i should never have listened

to the girl who cried wolf

for she was the wolf herself

dressed up in sheep clothing.


she devoured an innocent little girl

her red cape lying

bloody in the forest deep.

she screamed when it was too late

and rescue never came.

she brought this upon herself

her mother warned

she never listened.

she should have listened.



Featured image by Crystal Yuen

Author: aysabaw

Hi there! My name is Aysa! I am currently based in the Maldives, a free diver, a frustrated artist and writer and a lover of palm trees and ocean breeze.

I'd love to hear from you!

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