Cuddle Weather

Cuddle Weather

It was a dark day. A Friday full of gray clouds, strong wind and heavy rain.

We went about our daily lives until we found ourselves sitting inside the TV room at half past eight in the evening watching Cuddle Weather.

On Wednesday, we were inside the same TV room, looking for Through Night and Day on Netflix because of all the fuzz it made on social media. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available in the country. But the search led us to several recommendations whereas two Tagalog films caught my eyes. Hence, Ordinary People was on screen on Thursday evening and Cuddle Weather on Friday.

I chose Ordinary People first because I thought it is a quality film that I can show off to my foreign friends and indeed it is. I was really quite hesitant to watch Cuddle Weather as I thought it was too sexy to be played in a public TV room.

However, my curiosity overpowered shame and thought that everyone on the island are mature enough to see some sexy scenes therefore it was played.

I told my friends that it was a ‘sexy’ movie but then they laughed as it failed their expectations of ‘sexy.’ It turned out to be a love and life story that I would cry about. I half expected it to be naughty after seeing the trailer but naughty as it may be, it’s not just what it is all about.

I’ve never watched any Sue Ramirez’ film or drama and I always thought she was just a pretty face but this movie proved me wrong. I also never knew who RK Bagatsing was until I saw him on this film, not that he is not popular, I just don’t know him.

The film is about two prostitutes, Adela (Sue) being the professional one trying to get out of the business and Ram (RK) a newbie, asking for Adela’s advice on how to be a good one.  And of course, they fell in love in the end.

I don’t know how the lives of prostitutes are but the film is quite believable and it seemed natural and real.

I like RK in this movie as he seem so real. He looked and acted like that random guy in the neighborhood in his early twenties that you will have a crush on during your teenage years, when you were just a shy girl who haven’t seen the world yet.

I like that the love story is not the Romeo & Juliet type, it’s just the way how people love, feel confused and get hurt in real life.

Overall, we loved the movie.

Late night that Friday as I tried to sleep, the rain poured heavily once again and the sound it made seemed like the roof was about to fall on me. I thought of the scene where Adela told Ram that she just have to do it because nobody believed she can and smiled because I have always been like that until recently.

I have always proved everyone wrong when they say I could not and I always had the last laugh. But then my last three years have been an endless battle of  me trying to prove my boss wrong and showing how capable I am and her, crushing every bit of courage that I have to win this battle.  I asked myself if its worth continuing this battle or is it time to stop. This person have always crushed every bit of confidence I had and have always made me lose my self worth.

I asked myself and I keep asking, still.

It was way past midnight. The rain kept pouring and the thoughts kept lingering in my head.

I closed my eyes and hugged my pillow tight as that was the closest to getting some comfort, on that cold, dark night.

25 responses to “Cuddle Weather”

  1. Do it for you, and you alone. That we power on is what matters I think. Good luck, Aysa 🙂
    We noticed Cuddle Weather on the Netflix menu but, like you, ignored it because we didn’t know who the actors were. Now I’ll give it a watch!

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  2. Mukhang interesting ang movie ni Sue ha…thanks for the recomendation..another tagalog film making a buzz over the quarantine is ung kina Paolo Contis and Alessandra de Rossi…napanood mo na?

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  3. Napanood ko rin yan, opposing stereotypes and highlights her resilience which everyone should recognize out of respect.

    Lately nagiging open sya sa pag express ng disappointments nia kasi mas napapaboran yung commercial films and she stands up for indie films. Lumalabas yung personality nia sa character I guess 😉

    I dont know about your boss but it seems like nag p power trip sya over you. Yaan mo lang sya sa pathetic fantasy nia hehe. You don’t owe her anything. Just be very careful, hirap ng ganyan ka toxic sa workplace. Sabi nga, work in silence and let your accomplishments do the talking. Pag napasyal sa pinas timbre mo hehe, masyado na sya maraming nalalaman 😉

    As you said also, dito lang WP friends for you, reach out ka lang..

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