An Eid To Remember

Maldives SUnrise

We started our Eid Al Ftr with a sunrise video shoot. We all got up at 5am and completed the session by half past eight. We had to do it that day just because the weather had been very unpredictable lately so the shoot can’t wait.

We had a nice breakfast, after a month of not having breakfast at all (for me it was only 17 days, yes I fasted again this year). At 10:30am, whoever was left on the island (which was about 30 people) gathered and played dodge ball, a game that I last played probably more than twenty years ago, touching ball as we call it back home. If you’ve never played this game, it’s quite simple. You have to avoid the ball at all cost.

I thought it’d be boring but it was actually fun. Imagine grown up men and women running and screaming like kids. I guess, we will all still be kids at heart.

This year’s Eid buffet spread is very small compared to last year, said our Indian Chef when he saw me looking at the buffet in the canteen. He’s quite a moaner but he’s also true. It was not a lavish buffet. There wasn’t traditional Maldivian and Arabic sweets. Not much variety of dishes and fruits.

This year’s Eid is really different from the previous years and this, is both good and bad.

Bad because we are in the midst of this pandemic and what was supposedly a joyous occasion cannot be celebrated traditionally as family and friends cannot gather due to lockdowns and physical distancing.

Good, for me, because it’s quite memorable. It was a merry day. I don’t usually see the sunrise but I did on that day. I had fun during the game. The food served during lunch may not be a lot but it was cooked really well and I can taste that the food was made from the heart of the Chefs.

My Eid Lunch
My Eid Lunch: Seafood fried rice, freshly baked bread, roasted potatoes, a cube of very tender beef and a banana.

This Eid, I actually felt really blessed. I had less but my heart was filled with  joy.

A very late Eid greetings to those who celebrate. May you find joy, harmony and peace in this trying times.

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