I Love The Rain More Today Than Yesterday

I Love The Rain More Today Than Yesterday

I stood at the reception, looking at the jetty and the gray clouds above it. I heard the sound of the faraway thunder and the soft noise of the waters pushed by the strong Eastern current. I walked to the jetty and then I saw the lighting. It scared me a little so I walked back to the reception where I under a safe roof.

I stood there once again. Looking at the gray clouds. Listening to nature’s calming music. And I thought, ‘it’s surprising to find serenity amidst the upcoming storm.’

I usually prefer sunny days but today I loved the rain more.

It has been hot and sunny for days and weeks and it kept us busy with mundane things. With the rain, everything seemed to have stopped and we all succumbed to it.

My mind has been chaotic lately. Nothing negative but it’s just so full of things and ideas and I’m getting a bit tired.

I was not able to sleep last night. I just restlessly tossed and turned on my bed until 4am. I thought my mind will explode into this darkness full of somethings and just anythings.

I slept for a few hours, waking up frequently in between. I woke up with a heavy head. And as I opened our door, I saw the bright sun and told myself, this seems like another long day.

But then the weather changed at midday and it made my heart float like a feather.

I stood there watching the droplets of rain fall into the sand.

I looked at the clouds and its shades of gray and I thought this color, is not sad at all.


Here’s a 30-second clip of the rainy morning. This is my favorite clip among all the 30-second videos that I’ve made. I hope that you find this video soothing as much as I do.


13 responses to “I Love The Rain More Today Than Yesterday”

  1. There is really something magical about rain.and i just cant explain it.i have written several poems about rain but i felt there is so much more to explore yet.
    I love that video..ahhhh i could watch it over and over

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