30 Seconds Daily

30 Seconds Daily

So, I just realized that my Sony FDR-X3000 has a time-lapse function. Meh. After using it for years as an underwater camera, I just figured out a new use for it. This just shows how bad I am with gadgets. Again, meh.

I tested the time-lapse during our lunch time. It took 300 images to create a 30second video. I watched the video over and over again and even showed it to my colleagues in and out of the island. We had a good laugh at it.

And then came this idea of a mini-project – 30 Seconds Daily.

I will create 30-second time-lapse video everyday (hopefully) not only to share our lock down stories but with hopes that once I watch these videos years later once this pandemic is over, I will be reminded of the good (and not so good) times here on the island.

So here’s the first clip (and hopefully not the last ^__^).

The 30-second clips will be uploaded on my youtube channel so, please subscribe (shameless plug haha)!


9 responses to “30 Seconds Daily”

  1. I never had the courage to use mine as an underwater camera!! You are so brave šŸ˜ŠšŸ“ø

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    1. Ahaha, it’s meant for rough rides and underwater but I never knew it has other functions….

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  2. Ah cool!! I need one too actually for underwater šŸ˜…šŸ˜ Great that it has even more functions!

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  3. ilang minutes ito pag nag-run sa normal speed?


    1. Hindi sya video eh…300 images…tas tag 0.1 second per image


      1. ah galeng, akala ko yung mga video na ginawang 30 secs time lapse tapos ibi-breakdown nya sa 300 images šŸ˜€


        1. walang video option ung camera ko….images lang hehehe


  4. That is a good idea!

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