Quarantine Days Are Over + Heal The World Song Cover

Heal The World Cover

I was quite sad this morning. As I was heading from my room to the canteen to eat breakfast, I saw half of the island people (resort staff) were heading to the ferry to (finally) leave our resort and go back to their home islands.

Our 14-day quarantine period is over and the locals can leave our island.  We (foreign staff) are also allowed to leave only to the airport if we have international flights but at the moment, there’s none so we are to be here until the time we can already travel.

Half of the island(ers) are gone and it’s really quiet. We don’t hear screams from guys playing football. We don’t see people lingering around the smoking area. The canteen was really empty. Something we have to live with for the next few months I suppose.

Anyway, to lift the spirits up, we  did our own cover of the song Heal The World by Michael Jackson, hoping to inspire and encourage everyone who will watch it.

Here it goes and hope you enjoy watching!

13 responses to “Quarantine Days Are Over + Heal The World Song Cover”

  1. Nice cover! I hope na mag heal na talaga ang mundo at malagpasan na natin itong pandemic na ito.


    1. Salamat Jeff. Oo nga eh, sana matapos na

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  2. Nice video. Beautiful island. But man that is really a small island. I saw people playing volleyball in the video, is that ball named Wilson? Just kidding.


    1. Thank you po Sir. Our island is one of the smallest (if not yet the smallest) island resort in the Maldives with only 45 villas/rooms. You can walk around the whole island in less than 5minutes. But that’s what makes it special and charming. Even at 100% occupancy, it feels so private and not crowded.

      I am already at the verge of naming it Wilson hehehe


  3. I am also trying to book a flight home…wala pa din talaga
    .huhu….i am hoping this end soon and we heal as one.


    1. ingat po, kami yata kahit magka flight di na lang muna uuwi dahil ams safe kami dito

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      1. Yun din nga ang sabi…mas safe where we are ..😊😊😊


  4. Wooow! Nice cover, Aysa. 🙂
    San pala resort nyo?
    Keep safe! ❤


    1. Thanks. Saang bansa ba ang tanog mo? Sa Maldives po

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      1. Wow sa maldives pala. Ganda jaaan. ❤

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  5. Ingat po kayo diyan…sana matapos na ang lahat ng ito…at bumalik na sa normal ang lahat…

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    1. Salamat…ingat ka din

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