Day 10 to 14 – What Now?

Maldives Island

Day 10: Ebe Dancel’s Music

I couldn’t sleep that night. It was already late. But since I couldn’t sleep, I took my phone and started searching for Ebe’s music videos on youtube. So random. His songs are timeless. And as I listened to song after song after song, I felt different emotions. Heartbreak, joy, hope. And finally, I wanted to play the guitar and sing his songs. But it was already about one in the morning and my room mate is deep in her sleep. I was thinking to go out of the room and find a place by the beach but I thought, it’s quite strange. So I just kept watching his videos and wait for sleep to come.

Day 11: Free Diving without Fins + Dolphins

I went into the water at 10:30 in the morning. I wanted to try to free dive without fins and I could not believe when I made it to 10.1 meters. After several minutes of try-diving, I saw dolphins several meters away from me.

Day 12: Recording Artists

We have a small inspirational project on the island. We did a cover of a classic song and we were all excited about it. We all went to the training room at 8:30pm and recording a song is not easy specially when a lot of people are involved. Moreover, we are all amateurs. We are in the midst of editing the music and the video and I hope to share it here soon.

Day 13 & 14: Same But Different

The days were almost the same except that I feel different. Usually on my off days, I’d love to sleep until lunch time, eat lunch then go back to sleep again. This time, I’m wide awake from 7:30am until late. The weather has been really good lately, like days-that-need-no-filter and I have this feeling of not sleeping all day. That weird feeling of not wanting to waste the beautiful day. Like I want to see all the beautiful hues from day till night. The turquoise waters, the golden sunset, the luminescent full moon nights. We’ve been staying up until about 10:30 pm just chitchatting under the bright moon. I feel like I’ve been having a lot of time but not enough. And I feel like i am losing something if I just sleep the whole day and miss the beautiful weather. It’s quite strange.


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3 responses to “Day 10 to 14 – What Now?”

  1. Sobrang inggit ako sa pagkalockdown mo Aysa. Hahaha. Grabe, nagplano ako last time mag-move sa La Union. Sana ginawa ko before lockdown.

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    1. hehe…baka niyan surfer ka na kung sa La Union ka inabutan ng lockdown

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      1. Mukhang ganun na nga hagaga


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