Day 5, 6, 7 & 8: The Loner and Other Stories

Lonely Fish

Day 5 – The Loner

It was my lone working day as my colleague was off on Wednesday. I’m usually productive when alone as there are less distractions. Nobody asks anything, nobody chitchats and the office is quiet.

I also go to the staff canteen and take my meals within just 15 minutes, alone on a table. I feel non existent. Invisible.

This was my working life for the longest time until my two colleagues came last year. My two colleagues are so impossible to not be visible. Our lunches takes about an hour. Everybody chitchats with them. Everybody says hi. Everybody notices them. It has been like this for a year.

I guess its easy to slip back into old habits. The day I was alone, things were naturally back. I go to canteen by myself, find an empty table to sit to but this time, somebody noticed me. A colleague asked me to join their table.

I’m wondering if he thinks I feel lonely that’s why he asked me to join them. But to be honest, I feel more lonely (and bored, sometimes) in the middle of a crowd than with myself.

Day 6 – Conspiracy Theory & People Power

A colleague named Ali sat with me during lunch and started discussing about the effects of Covid19 to the Maldives and how media made it a celebrity overnight.


Although Covid 19 has been marked as a pandemic, we believe that media blew it out of proportion. There are other deadlier diseases than this and media created panic. And we are thinking, there might be someone or some country behind this who are currently or who will benefit in this. And whoever that is, we’ll probably find out soon.

Maldives Lockdown

The government of Maldives locked down the country because of the pressure that it is getting from the citizens and again, social media played a big role in this. Now that they closed the borders, there are no arrivals to the country. A lot of resorts closed and of course, its like domino effect. Staff and all other business were affected. Now that resorts closed, some big companies offered 3 months paid leave to their staff while some opted for pay cuts. And now, the resort staffs are complaining about the pay cut and forced leaves. Who asked for the lock down anyway?

Day 7 – Why Do I Always Have to Prove Myself

In life, some people get lucky, that’s if you believe in luck and the rules of this game. At work, I felt that I always have to double my efforts and work harder. That even with double efforts, its never enough.

I always work quietly and get things done. But those lazy who can talk always gets the credits and worse, I always get compared.

I know this is not even the time to complain about stuff like this. So I keep my complaints to myself and on this blog.

Day 8 – Jamming at the Jetty

We headed to the jetty after dinner and played some songs. There were four of us, I played the guitar while our colleague Oggy played the beatbox. It was a warm evening but with a cool breeze, the night was perfect. It reminded me of my high school days. I used to sit outdoors to play the guitar, learn new songs from the latest song-hits and dream about silly things. Asking the universe what will I be after few years and if my soulmate is somewhere, looking at the same starry sky.

6 responses to “Day 5, 6, 7 & 8: The Loner and Other Stories”

  1. laging may issue #7 no matter where you are in the world! haha! Kamusta na resort nyo? Andyan pa ba yung Russian guests nyo?

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    1. Wala na. Pinauwi na sila ni Putin hahaha


  2. May conspiracy talaga sa mga nangyayari ngayon. Wait mo lang after this pandemic, madaming documentaries ang maglalabasan. Heheh..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahahaha abangan natin ang susunod na kabanata

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