Day 4 – Sarah The Little Monkey

Sarah was born to an Italian mother and a Maldivian father. I would say, she is one of the luckiest kids I’ve ever seen. Her father works with us and so she visits the island on weekends and spends the days on the sea. During school holidays, she goes back to Italy and travels around Europe to walk along the forests, farms and the likes. What a childhood right?

Sarah’sĀ  grandma arrived to the Maldives for a short holiday just before Covid hit Italy badly, and she was here when Italy officially locked down and then Maldives. So, she is kinda stuck with us. But I think she is safer here than in Italy at this moment. Her short holiday turned into a long lock down. But who will not be happy to have a prolonged holiday in the Maldives specially when you are with your family?

Sarah goes about her daily life. She comes for breakfast at around 8am. She goes to the water at around 10am. Takes her lunch and probably a nap afterwards. She plays with Mason in the afternoon, both of them are our little naughty monkeys. They climb the trees and plays on the beach until about 7pm.

I’m wondering how much Sarah knows about the current situation and if she’s even aware of it and if she would be able to share her stories about Covid19, years later.

I am trying to remember what happened in my life when I was about the same age. I remember about the earthquake in 1990, I was just 5. I didn’t know what was going on except that my mother asked me and my brother to hide under the dining table. All I know is that I’m scared because it was something that we don’t do everyday, to hide under the table so something must be wrong. My mother’s voice wasn’t the usual. Not the commanding one like when she asks us to go to sleep, neither the angry one like when we do naughty things. I must not have known that it was a voice of fear but I probably felt it.

I’m wondering if Sarah is sensing what’s going on, why her grandma is here with us for so long and if she sense fear or if all the adults around her are good actors that they don’t show any worry on their faces.

I wonder if she’ll remember me years later after my working years here in the Maldives is over.


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5 responses to “Day 4 – Sarah The Little Monkey”

  1. I remember the 1990 earthquake. Me and sister was at home playing “jackstone” at the time.

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    1. We were young… matanda na tayo ngayon wahaha…joke lang….


      1. True! Old days! I bet sarah would remember her youth the way we remembered ours šŸ˜Š

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  2. […] Day 4 – Sarah The Little Monkey […]


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