Day 1 – We Live in a Bubble

Maldives House reef

It was a Saturday. And I took off.

We were take two days off per week until further notice to clear off pending leaves.

I let myself sleep as much as I can during my off days as I feel so drained b the end of each working week. But this time, I woke up at nine in the morning. That’s quite early for a normal day off.

I made a cup of coffee and headed to the bar deck. It was our first day of not having any guests on the island so we are free to sit in supposed guest areas and enjoy the panoramic views.

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday and I thought to myself, this is a nice place to be in time of pandemic. Keeping things on a positive note.

I called my friend Yoyo to come over to the bar deck too for a leisurely coffee with a view and afterwards, we went for snorkeling.

She said that years later when it’s time for her to share her story about her experiences during this global crisis, she would tell that she had a paradisaical life. One where she goes to the sea everyday, mastering the art of underwater photography (and modeling too) and checking out sharks, turtles and octopus.

‘We sort of live in a bubble,’ one of our colleagues said and she’s quite right. We live in our own small beautiful world here, safe from the pandemic, away from the chaos that it brought to the world. We go about our daily lives. We jump of the jetty and go for a swim. We go for fishing and octopus hunting. It gives me a bit of a weird feeling too. Because the life we live here is quite dreamy. Too good to be true. And when it’s too good to be true, its usually not true.


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8 responses to “Day 1 – We Live in a Bubble”

  1. At this time of global crisis and what’s happening in most of the world, I so envy you. Unless you tell me that you’re starting to talk to a ball named Wilson.

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    1. Hindi pa naman po haha


  2. Enjoy the moment sis. This too shall pass 😊

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    1. Thanks for the positive aura 🙂

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