The 14-Day Project – Island Isolation Stories

Maldives Island

On my last post, I’ve mentioned how I felt sad about bidding goodbye to our last guest and that, a 14-day quarantine will commence before anyone can leave the island.

Being on the island anyway gives us an isolated feeling. However, the difference now is that everyone’s taking their pending days off since we don’t have guests on the island anymore. We never got bored because we had a lot of things to do and one day off wasn’t even enough. But now that there are no guests and there’s not much work to do (operationally, although there are so many activities that keep us busy nowadays), there are more days off, then it’s a different ball game.

We live in tomorrow’s history they said. And what we write now, could be in history books, novels or stories in the future so I thought of keeping a track of what’s going on. We may all be suffering from the same pandemic, but our first hand experiences may be different from each other’s. I thought of keeping my stories by verbally recording it as it seemed a lot easier than writing things down but after one episode on castbox, I didn’t want to do it again. I felt uncomfortable so I went back to writing.

The 14-Day Project will be like a journal of how our 14-day quarantine will be. I am not sure what exciting stories can I write about an island isolation but this whole situation stirs up our emotions by the day.

The mere fact of not having guests left us out of balance. Imagine years of your life, thinking about guest issues and complaints, about noisy air-conditioning units or geckos or ants crawling through the doors and how will you fix things then suddenly, one day, you will wake up not having to think about anything. It feels strange in a way.

And also, once the 14-day quarantine is lifted and the locals can leave our resort and go back home to their islands, I wonder how many people will be left on the island, how it will feel and will I start talking to a volley ball called Wilson.

13 responses to “The 14-Day Project – Island Isolation Stories”

  1. I hope your doing fine in there…keep safe and stay healthy though..

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    1. OK naman po hihiih

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      1. that’s great😊😊😊

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  2. Whay a wonderful idea to document the things you are going through. And you are right. Everywhere is a different experience and everyone is living it differently. Thank you for sharing your unique story ❤️🌎


    1. Thanks for reading Ioana… 🙂 Take care

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  4. Sanaol! Stay safe!

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    1. hehe…ikaw din…stay at home and stay safe

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