Summer is almost here! Is your body beach ready?


I’m back to the Maldives after a short holiday at home and as soon as I arrived to the island, I jumped into the water to swim. Not literally though as I arrived by almost midnight yesterday. I went for a swim today to feel good and start trimming down all the sugar, fats and oil I’ve collected from the glutton that I was for the last two weeks.

Just halfway through my usual swim, I already felt exhausted. This means, my body is not at its best.

As I was browsing facebook yesterday, I saw this image showing what’s inside the body of a  250 lb  and a 120 lb woman. The description is already written so I don’t have to rewrite what the photo is all about. The image scared me a bit and I wanted to get rid of all the fats on my tummy as fast as I could.

Trying to lose weight is not necessarily to be beach ready for summer. We need to do this all year round, not for the bikini body but for our own health.

Losing weight is not easy and to start the work out is always the hardest part. It’s always nice to munch chips and ice cream while lying down on your sofa or bed, binge-watching Kdrama than working out, isn’t it?

But if we really want to work out, we need to to start somewhere. Take small steps. We don’t need to get a gym membership right away.

Here are my two easy-peasy ways to stay fit:

Choose the right exercise for you and be consistent.

Not all exercise fits everyone. To start working out is the most difficult part and to keep going is even harder. So I believe that we have to choose the exercise that will make us look forward to doing it.

I don’t like going to the gym. I am also not sporty and I don’t like to dance. I don’t like any activities that requires fast movements. I tried jogging and it didn’t work for me.

I tried zumba. I don’t like dancing that much so this turned out to be a ‘not very enjoyable activity’ for me. I also don’t sweat easily so while all the other dancers are already drenched in sweat I only get as much as sweat in between the nose and the lips and my very productive underarms.

I tried belly dancing too and I prefer this than zumba because I don’t have to move around a lot. We do hand and body movements on the same spot and it made me sweat easily than when I was doing zumba. Some arm movements cracked my shoulder tension and I believe this exercise is good for those who would like to tone their abs.

Swimming is my preferred exercise. I tones down the arms and legs since I have to move my wile body. I don’ have the ‘bye bye fat.’ I also enjoy this activity because I see a lot of fish and sharks while swimming.

Image result for bye bye fat on the arms
Bye bye fat. Image from the Oz blog.

There are a lot of simple exercises that one can do at home with tutorials readily available in youtube .

So choose the exercise that you like and be consistent. Keep doing.

Stop the unlimited rice, sweets and junk food.

I’ve noticed that a lot of Filipinas although not overweight, have big ‘rice-bellies.’ This is because we eat rice almost three times a day. Or maybe more. And we sit in the office. And don’t walk a lot. And we also eat a lot of sweets and junk food in between specially when we are stressed. Or when we watch movies. Or during merienda. Or just anytime we feel like. And this is the killer.

I feel that it’s alright to load carbohydrates, if we do a lot of physical work or if we exercise. But if we don’t burn down all those carbos, where’d you think it’ll go?

Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. I love fruits but I am not a big fan of vegetables but I try to eat whenever possible.

And if you need to start a diet, its best to consult the experts.

The title of this post is not to body shame anyone. It’s just the first title that came into my mind while thinking about this post. And I usually see this on memes or travel posts.

Stay healthy.

Work out for yourself and not for that perfect bikini shot.

And always remember, our bodies, regardless of the size and shape are always beach ready.

12 responses to “Summer is almost here! Is your body beach ready?”

  1. To answer the title, never had a body that is beach-ready, pero #walakompake. Hahahaha.

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    1. Ayun nabasa ko na. Healthy kemerut pala. Akala ko external sexiness lang. Haha. Kelangan kong magwork out starting this month. May target ako at the end of the month. Haha.

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      1. Expected ko na may magrereact agad sa title. Napaka controversial. Char. hahahhaa


  2. I sometimes walk going home and dance into my favorite kpop songs as my exercise. I find other forms of exercise boring and I have never been to a gym.

    Your post is absolutely right. We need to stay fit not only to look nice in bikinis but to be healthy. And not only through exercising but with proper balance diet. I think I need to exercise soon after eating my mc and cheese 😛


    1. May tawad pa talagang pag tapos ng mc and cheese haha

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  3. Tama ka others would take this topic negatively. But you know whether its really about our physical, i don’t think there is something wrong with wanting to be able to wear a swimsuit at 40 minus the bulges and the cellulites.
    Your tips are really workable. Choose the right exercise for you and yes …avoid the culprits…rice,chips,processed foods.
    I do yoga for a long time now. In between i go to the gym for toning and strenth training then i do road run every now and then.
    And i say at 43, with 4 grown up kids…(my eldest is almost your age ) i am happy with how i am ageing. When we went to Bali my daughters were the ones excited for my beach attire…isnt that fun?

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    1. Wow…matagal ko na gusto i try ang Yoga. My instructor kami dito kaso Sunrise and Sunset ang yoga lessons nya. Sunrise di pa ako gising. Sunset oras ng langoy ko. Kaya hindi kami magkatagpo.

      Napaka fit mo naman po hihihi


      1. The best ang yoga for women who wants to grow old gracefully hehehe. May pampabata factor na ewan. You can take few lessons lang. Learn the basics and then find a yoga program online at home na you can do it anytime.

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  4. I totally agree about consistency in exercise!

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  5. Hmm, the truth my body is always ready, I don’t mind having extra beside, front and back hahaha on a serious note you are correct, we need to take good care not only our body but the overall condition of it. Thank you for sharing this great insight.

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    1. yung extra mo ay front and back, sa akin round center, parang mata ng bagyo haha


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