Reasons Why Boracay is the Best Destination For Beach Holidays


Consistently ranked as one of the world’s top beaches, Boracay has always been on my list of to-visits.

Boracay has been a popular beach destination for the longest time. As a child, it was like a place in a faraway dream. An island that I only see on television, a beautiful beach where slim celebrities run in bikinis. As I grew up my perception of it changed from a beautiful beach to a party place. And as I heard the news about its rehabilitation earlier, my perception again changed. That the island has just been a milking cow and tourism has taken its toll on nature.

Boracay’s soft, white, sandy beach.

I finally had the chance to visit Boracay recently and it is indeed a beauty. And with Boracay’s popularity, I don’t think I even need to say what’s best about the island but I’ll say my thoughts anyway.

So here are my Reasons Why Boracay is the Best Destination for Beach Holidays:

1.       Boracay’s beach is made of sugary soft sand

I don’t know the basis of rating Boracay as one of the world’s Top Beaches. But if the rating will be based on how fine the sand is, Boracay will completely be on the lead. I have only been to a few beach destinations in the country and so far, Boracay’s beach is the best.

2.       The island caters to all types of travelers

The island has all types of hotels to cater for all types of clientele. From budget to ultra-luxury, the island has it in store. There are different areas as well according to what the traveler prefers. They could opt for peace and quiet or spend late loud nights too. I don’t think the island has a good house reef but they offer island hopping tours including snorkeling. Kiteboarding is feasible on windy days as well as surfing when the waves are high enough. We have seen teens surfing on some areas of the island throughout our stay. Foodies will also never run out of option.

Boracay Surfing
Boys getting ready to surf

3.       One-stop island, it just have everything. Or almost.

One can literally go to the island with just passport and wallet on hand. Almost everything is available on the island.  You can buy anything from sunscreen to swimsuit, personal needs, food and booze.

Palm trees

4.       Home to Best Sunsets

A colleague of mine used to work as a dive instructor in Boracay a few years ago. We both work in the Maldives now and every time I praise how beautiful the sunset is, she will tell me that nothing beats the sunsets of Boracay. She is correct. Sunsets make everything beautiful anyway but Boracay is just beautiful and I’ll leave this for you to see for yourself.

Although Boracay has improved a lot already after it’s rehabilitation, there are still a lot of room for improvement and I’ll save my thoughts on this for the next post.

27 responses to “Reasons Why Boracay is the Best Destination For Beach Holidays”

  1. Been to Bora many times nakita at mawitness ko yan since bata pa compare it sobrang na abuso na ang Bora kesa dati.Dati makakakita ka pa ng mga fishermen na dumadaung madaling araw ngaun wala na…basically ung mga bundok na area crowded na din.
    Haissst sayang..but its still a must visit place…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree, yung sunset talaga sa Boracay is one of the best for me. I don’t know, pero iba talaga yung feel at vibes kapag pinapanood mo ang sunset sa Boracay. No wonder nag-uumpukan na ang mga tao sa shore pagdating ng mga past 5pm to witness the sunset.


  3. Nakakaganda pati ng selfie ang sunset sa background. Parang ang fresh fresh kahit madaming freckles and blemishes. Hahahaha,


  4. May nakilala akong greek guy na nakapunta na sa Boracay at Palawan at sabi wala raw katulad ang beaches sa atin kahit i-compare sa ibang neighboring Asian countries at popular destination sa Europe like Spain. Hindi pa ako nakakapunta sa Boracay at Palawan so no comment ako. Hahaha! Hindi kasi ako mahilig sa dagat. Pero coming from someone na sanay makakita ng magagandang beaches ( beaches in Greece are very clean at talagang blue. No need for photoshop) siguro maniniwala na ako. I hope maging strikto na ang Dept. of Tourism this time.


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