Fishing as a Stress Reliever

We went for night fishing yesterday evening.

We left the island around five past six and traces of the sun that has just set were still visible on the still-pinkish-turning-to-gray sky. The current was strong and the tide was low as it was just two days after the first full moon of the year.

We used a dingy and it was my first time to ride a boat as small as that. The space is just enough for me and my three other colleagues a gallon of diesel for the boat and a styro-box containing our baits. I felt that the dingy might just turn over every time it hits a wave bigger than us. Dingy rides are not for the faint-hearted.

Dingy is a very small boat that can fit 3 to 4 persons or less.

It took us about ten bumpy minutes before we arrived into the lagoon. We dropped the anchor and then dropped our lines and minutes later we started reeling in snappers.

I’ve written about fishing several times already but usually to talk about the experience, how I love it that I gate crash fishing trips and how it teaches me to be patient.

Fishing is not only one of my favorite things to do here in Maldives, but it has also become my therapy. I noticed that every time I feel stressed or emotional, I join fishing trips. And whether I catch something or nothing at all, I will always come back to the island happy.

There was a time when my colleague and I were both stressed and I forced him to go with me for night fishing. He didn’t want to go because of the amount of work waiting for us but I forced him.Β  He grumpily went with me and eventually, he enjoyed the experience he started to like the sport.

Yesterday, I was really stressed and so emotional in the office but after going for the fishing trip I felt really good. While fishing, my focus is to catch a fish. To feel if there is any movement on my line, if a fish is biting my bait and if it finally pulls.

Fishing is hours of being out on the water, sitting and waiting in silence and darkness. Thinking only about the present and the thrill of what’s waiting for us on the other side of the line. The sound of the waves, the sea breeze, the silence and the waiting process soothes my mind.

After three hours, we decided to pack up and as we tried to get out of the lagoon, we noticed that the tide is even lower and the very thing we were scared about just happened. Our engine hit a coral and we got stuck on top of it. It caused me a slight Titanic-heart-attack. No ice berg this time just a coral. No huge Titanic with thousands of passengers but a tiny dingy with four fishermen.

But since I was with three expert fishermen, we were able to escape the impending mini Titanic scene.

A few moments later, I am back to the island, happy with two red snappers as my catch and no, the problem at work did not disappear but I am ready to tackle it with a much clearer and relaxed mind.

I would love to know what do you do when you are stressed or burned out at work.

An old picture of me with my catch.

19 responses to “Fishing as a Stress Reliever”

  1. Beautiful Aysa. Thank you for sharing this. For me escaping in nature is also a key to my inner peace. Sometimes it does not have to be anything big. Just to sit outside in the sun or under a tree and watch the leaves or the sky. Beautiful story you shared! Take care of those corals. We do need them healthy ❀️


  2. I guess relaxing talaga ang nature in many ways. Gusto ko din magfishing para madevelop ang patience ko. Haha. I like the idea about focusing on the present. Nakakrelieve. Habang binabasa ko ito eh parang andun din ako. Ang scary lang na hindi ako marunong lumangoy. Nyahahaha.

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  3. Mukhang masaya yan πŸ˜€ You’re the kind of person who will survive in a stranded island. I’d love to pick up a more challenging hobby like fishing.

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    • Oo hindi naman uod yung bait hahaha wala naman akong nakikitang uod dito. Wala naman earth worm sa buhangin. Saka may certain type of fish din na effective gawing bait. Hindi pala lahat ay pwede sa isda. Choosy rin pala sila haha

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      • That’s good to know! πŸ™‚ Sana ma-try ko ring mag-fishing one day. Tapos camping in the night habang iniihaw ‘yung nahuling isda. Hihihi!
        “The problem at work did not disappear but I am ready to tackle it with a much clearer and relaxed mind.” This is why everyone needs a break.

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