Just When I Thought The Year Was Over

Just When I Thought The Year Was Over

I’ve already posted a 2019 Recap as I thought, the year was over or almost and we’ve got like two weeks to the new year and then something happened.

One of our stalls burned down.

My parents have a few stalls in the public market and they sell ready to wear (RTW) clothes. They acquired a new one a few months ago and used it as a stock room earlier. They decided to open it as a proper shop just a few days ago and surprise. It’s now a heap of ashes.

The case is very strange though. The shop has a CCTV in front and the fire started at the back side of the stall. Only our shop and the one next to us burned down.

It seemed very strategically planned to just burn one stall, two at the most and not to let the fire spread across all the stalls.

The investigators were trying to blame us for the fire by saying that there was a short circuit when all the lights were off already when the fire started at about 9pm.

I am wondering if the people who started the fire were the ones who also called the fire fighters just in time for the fire not to affect all the other stalls except ours and the one beside us.

It’s hard to assume but it seemed like this thing was planned or I just couldn’t believe that maybe, the fire brigade were just too fast, which is usually the other way around. We can’t also figure out who did this but of course, we suspect some people. Some people can’t just be happy for you when they see you doing well. It’s not like we won all of these in the lottery. We did not cheat or step into anyone just to be where we are now. We also worked really hard for this and we had our share of hardships before. So it’s annoying when people just get jealous for what we have achieved now.

It’s not nice to see your decades of hard work to just turn into ashes but looking at the positive side, we are just thankful that none of us were harmed.

So when I thought I’ve seen everything that I have to see inย  2019, here comes a surprise just before it ends.

Our burned stall and stocks.

22 responses to “Just When I Thought The Year Was Over”

  1. WTF!!!!! Isa lang ba yung CCTV? Sana mahuli kung sino gumawa niyan, obviously, planado yan. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Sa tingin ko blessings > problems pa din tayo this 2019. Good thing nangyari yan wala parents mo dun or kung sino man. Try to look at the silver lining na lang, no matter how hard it is. โค Merry Christmas!

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  2. I wish we can assuage your anxieties. Siguro isipin mo na lang this event happened for a reason and that there will be some learnings from this. The blessing is that no one got hurt, and that when a door closes, thereโ€™s probably the backdoor or the window opening. What do you think? Cheer up, dear friend!

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  3. Oh my God…there must be someone responsible…and that someone is called inggitera…some people cant really be happy when you are doing well in life..so typical of our culture…with all due respect…pero i personall experienced the same time…nakakamatay and pumapatay ang inggit dian sa atin.

    I pray for your family’s safety..

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  4. Hi Aysa! I just subscribed from your blog and this is the first post that I read! Huhu, I hope the people who did it (feel ko rin sinadya!) get the karma they karma theu deserve! Wishing you a much better, much peaceful 2020!

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