2019 Recap

2019 has been good to me. Not perfect but I guess it was better than 2018. I had less drama but I still had a lot of fights. I met a lot of people. I learned a lot.

I Don’t Need To Attend Anger Management Class Anymore

I was already at the verge of sending myself to an Anger Management Class because of my temper. I easily get angry at just anything.

For unknown reasons, I just changed in an instant. I have been keeping my cool. It was strange though. I still get angry easily when somebody does something stupid but I don’t burst out like I used to do. I don’t shout. And this has been noticed by my colleagues as well. One of them was teasing me and he was surprised at my very calm reaction when he was expecting an anger outburst.

I am thinking about how and why these changes occurred. Is it because I lost passion for work? Is it because I aged? Or because I learned?

I Still Fight

I have already calmed down big time but it doesn’t mean I stopped fighting. I still have very stiff neck specially when it comes to work principles. And I won’t let something go without giving a fight. But nowadays I choose my battles.

One of my previous mentors said he will never put up a fight if he knew already that he will lose. So we have to choose our battles wisely. And we have to be prepared before running into the battle. I have brought this principle with me from the day he said it but I never applied until recently.

I still fight but not head on anymore. I learned how to fight quietly as well and it seem more effective than a head on battle.

I Met a Lot and Learned a Lot

Maldives is special in a way. I see a lot of popular and influential people walking on the streets of Male’ in shirt and pants and flip flops, so simple, so unassuming. My colleague and I met the country’s President in a random event and took a selfie with him. I mean, where else in the world can you randomly meet a country’s president and take a selfie?

This place is really special.

Imagine the event that we successfully organised was attended by one of the most influential woman in Maldives business and Dive Scene, Maldives’ Free Dive record holder and a Parliament Committee.

Imagine meeting a world champion and double world record holding freediver, welcoming him to the airport and escorting him to the island.

Imagine working with one of the top 4 kite boarders of this country.

And all these people I’ve met are so kind and down to Earth. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed but also humbled to be around these people.

Overseas Life

On my last trip home, my mom asked me when am I going to settle back home for good and until when will I work abroad? I could not even answer her.

That made me think though. I’ve been away for 14 years. And it seems that I don’t have any plans of settling home.

I feel that I am becoming very comfortable with the island life. I get my meals prepared for me daily. All I have to do is go to the canteen. I don’t have to rush into traffic to go to work. I just need to take 10 to 15 steps from my room. I don’t spend anything except some personal stuff and snacks. I get my uniform washed and ironed for me so I only need to wash my personal clothes.

Going back home means leaving this comfortable lifestyle. But then, also, I am not getting any younger and I am usually away from my husband and family for most of the days in a year and I feel like I’ve been ‘wasting’ away my life not being with them. And then again, the thought of the earnings that I get here that I won’t be able to get back home, takes me  back to square one again.

2019 is a Year of Experiences, Learning and Changes

I’ve met a lot of people this year, experienced a lot and  changed a lot.  I can say that this has been a year of growth for me on personal and career basis. And with this, I look forward to all the new experiences and learning that the new year is about to bring.

How about you? How has 2019 treated you?

13 responses to “2019 Recap”

  1. 2019 been really great for me..for one i have finally published my first book…and with a purpose…its really wonderful to read you overcoming anger …
    It can be tricky sometimes though but you’ll get there..

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    1. Yay! Congrats talaga sa pagka publish ng book mo. Every writer’s dream! At nagsisilbi pang boses ng kababaihan ang book mo.

      Salamat sa pagbabasa, matanda na ako pero marami pa rin akong kakaining bigas hehe

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      1. Kain lng ng kain hehehe…kidding aside..you will get there…

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  2. Hehe I totally understand your concern. You lifestyle sounds awesome actually and island life sounds like a dream. Wish you all the best for 2020!an even more exciting and good year than this one ❤️

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    1. Thanks Ioana! Hope you had a great year too and a good one coming up!~

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  3. Di ko maimagine na nang-aaway ka. Hahahaha.

    I said 2018 was my year, then I felt it was all fake. Haha. I-blog ko na ba?


    1. Atapang atao ako haha.

      Iblog na yan!!!!

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  4. i liked the “choose your battle wisely” and anger management. Also, never had a chance to work overseas but i would like to. 2019 treated me fairly but it’s been a roller coaster ride.

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    1. Your time will come too 🙂 Work hard for it.

      If 2019 was fair to you then that’s good enough. Have a blessed 2020.


  5. […] already posted a 2019 Recap as I thought, the year is over or almost and we’ve got like two weeks to the new year and […]


  6. I really think my 2019 is also better, ate! same with you, a year of growth personally and career-wise. I am calmer too. Hahaha! It is a little lonelier, though! I always find myself lonely when I am surrounded with people. Maybe because I don’t feel like I always fit in, and that I can’t be in tune with myself when I’m with people. Idk, it’s weird. Ahaha! I believe that when it’s time to go home, you will feel it. But then again, you also made a home there (?). Ugh, it’s complicated! I just hope we can live life with less regrets, and that we won’t missing out on anything – but that’s wishful thinking. (anw, I’m excited to read your blog posts again. hehe)

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    1. I think 2019 is better because we grew up a little….we became a bit less emotional probably hehe.

      Sometimes I also feel I don’t fit in when I am in a group of people. So I avoid attending parties or any sort of gathering. Maybe you just need to find the right people to hang out with?
      I surround myself with people of the same interest, that’s when I fit in. Kasi pag di nila naiinitindihan ang gusto ko sabihin, I’d rather not talk, and I won t hang out with them again.

      Mafefeel ko din nga ‘yan pag talagang time to go home na.

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