Lakompake by Senyora

From fake social media account to National Bookstore’s Best Selling Book to another book in collaboration with Nancy Binay, Senyora is just unbelievable.

Lakompake is a book about Millennial problems and Senyora’s solutions.

Paasa. Umasa. Move on. And so on.

It’s like a self help book for shallow Millennials (I’m not saying all Millennials are shallow ok?). The problems were shallow as it is and the solutions are as simple as it should be and that everyone with logic would know.

But believe me, not everyone has logic. Just like there are friends who seek your advice but will never follow.

This book is written in the language of now, easy to understand and not boring to read. Even non -readers can / will read this.

It is not for the  very young, some parts are rated PG with a bit of subtlety.

It’s not the best, but it’s good if you are up for a good laugh.

14 responses to “Lakompake by Senyora”

  1. yow medem eyse. gawa ka na rin ng book mo! naalala ko lang na may project nga pala tayong ganun. Ayun, awa ng Diyos, project pa rin. haha! miss you! dahil sayo napabukas ako ulit ng wordpress. iba ka madam!


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