Video: A Day in Male’ in Less Than Three Minutes

When you say Maldives, the very first thing that will come to people’s minds will be paradisaical islands, soft white sands, crystal clear waters, palm trees, luxury resorts and an expensive holiday.

But hey, Maldives has a city too and it’s called Male’.

Today me and my colleagues went to Male’ for a half day trip and I’m sharing our walk around the city in less than three minutes. Enjoy watching!

4 responses to “Video: A Day in Male’ in Less Than Three Minutes”

  1. Ayun, akala ko hindi mo ito ipo-post dito eh. Nagcomment kase ko sa YT channel mo. Hahah.. Anong camera ginamit mo? Phone ba yan or action cam?


    1. HAHA halong phone at action cam. Kagabi kasi ayaw ma upload. Akala ko nga hindi mauupload haha 10 times ata ako nagtry. Kung kelan patulog na ako, saka ko nakita yung comment mo haha

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  2. wowwww!!! love it Aysa!! More videos of the island life pa! 🙂


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